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5.png is not our website domain any longer

Have you typed in our old website domain name, and the error 404 has shown up last May 2023?

This was due to the domain needing to be renewed on time.

Even though we have been permitted or given access to manage the website account ourselves to edit the contents, unfortunately, we do not have total control of our previous website as we asked someone to create our website for us using HTML management software around May 2020.

The one considered account owner was the person we paid to create the website for us, Lenolm (not an actual company name) He also made several websites of other Thai massage businesses around Auckland, so we asked for his services during the mid-2020s.

It was easy to communicate with Lenolm in the past few years and when we needed to renew our domain license. But last May 2023, Lenom was hard to contact or pretend to. Unfortunately, We cannot renew the domain license ourselves because the HTML management company (Wix) does not consider us the account owner. That was a desperate moment as we depend on online bookings but do not have a running website.

As a solution, we created our new account and a website overnight, which is under our complete control without any third party. Unlike in 2020, we learned to create a website using HTML management tools.

We are curious if Lenolm just played busy and hard to contact, so we could not renew our domain and be down online, as he may be favoring other Thai clients with similar business with us. Fortunately, We already know how to create our own and are ready for this incident. It is not about spawning negativity but creating awareness among other business owners or anyone planning to develop a website to know whom they will ask to create a website and what could go wrong if they leave the website services business or for any reason. It is like asking and paying a contractor to build a house, but the contractor has their name in the papers and the house's title, giving you the spare keys to enter the home you owned but not in the documents and the title.

As of May 2023, Khunchai Thai Massage and Spa is now using . It is longer than the previous domain.

What is a domain? In networking, the domain is similar to your home or posting address, which the internet user enters to visit your site.

Why do we use an HTML management tool like Wix rather than coding on our website? Because it will be easier to manage and make changes instantly. We do not need that website complication of amazondotcom or a fortune 100 company for our small business. Customers are not website connoisseurs as long as we provide honest and good service. We are all right.


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