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Our Location

We are in West Auckland, Glendene Suburb, 4339 Great North Road.

Where are you located?

4339 Great North Road, Glendene, Auckland, the western side of Auckland, formerly known as Waitakere City before 2010. Nearby Suburbs that surround us are Henderson, Te Atatu South, Kelston, and Sunnyvale.

Do you provide parking?

Yes. We are fortunate to have three parking spaces available within our premises plus the parking lot (not provided by us) just over our fence which still does not have restrictions or time limits. We highly recommend that our customers use our parking spaces first rather than the one over the fence mostly in the evenings.

Can we come using Public Transport?

Yes. But only limited to AT bus services as we do not have a Train station here in Glendene. The bus route passing by infront of our premises is number 14. We are luckily located just in front of bus stops, the one just in front of us is Glendene Shops Stop ID: 5855 if the bus is coming from Lincoln Road though Henderson or Glendene Shops Stop ID: 5880 across the road if the bus is coming from New Lynn through Kelston. 

Coming from Henderson through Great North Road or from North Western Motorway through Te Atatu road

We are nearby and less than a 100 meter. Please drive further but slowly, we are not located with the shops here along the Glendene shopping village. Its advisable to slow down and keep left on the side of the road and be ready to spot the driveway just next to the Glendene Bust stop. 

This is the Glendene shop Bus Stop for anyone going towards New Lynn, We are located just behind this Bust stop with the hedge. 4339 is our address number here in Great North Road. If you are in the bus-stop along Te Atatu road close to the roundabout and BP fuel station which is still close to Glendene shops but already in Te Atatu south, you must be in a different place. The Bus stop must be along great north road and closer to or the Mobil fuel station is visible.

Look out for The Bus Stop of Glendene Shops (2).png
Look out for The Bus Stop of Glendene Shops (3).png

We recommend our customers park in our parking spaces rather than in the outer part of the Church car park. But it is also okay to park here, primarily for first-time customers who have never seen our premises before. For anyone who parked in this area, please do not be too dependent on Google maps specially if asking for directions on walking mode contrary to driving directions. Some of our first time customers got sent further by Google maps on walking direction despite being parked just beside our fence. 

Coming from New Lynn and Kelston through Great North Road.

This is how our driveway will look like when driving from New Lynn and Kelston through Great North Road and it is easier to spot us.

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Heads up reminders

Please allocate reasonable time for traveling and check and prepare for the traffic using Google maps.


If you arrive late and our schedule was already busy, we cannot extend your time as we cannot make the next customer wait out of fairness when they came on time. Also we will still charge for the whole duration of time you may have booked. (ex. still charging $75 for an hour that you have booked while you only get 45mins due to arriving late and finishing on time) Please note that we are charging for the length of time you reserved for yourself which became unavailable for others to take for an appointment is also the basis of the prices, not just for how long we provided the service. 



- All customers arriving with any vehicles are expected to park properly inside the parking markings so we can also have parking spaces for other customers. We can be lenient depending on the time like last bookings in the evening when we are not expecting more customers to come. Otherwise, a customer may be told to re-position their vehicle first to proper parking before we can start the session.

- Please remove all valuable items from your car or at least conceal or hide any valuable items just for being prepared incase anyone roams around to look for cars to break and loot like in other places, This incidents does not occur in our premises but its better to be paranoid and prepared. Rest assured that we will do something whenever we see anyone suspicious roaming such as activating our alarm siren or calling 111 Police emergency services. But please note, like everywhere else, we shall not be liable for any damage occurred on our premises such as damage to vehicles and theft.

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