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Prices & Services

Non-promotional prices and straightforward services.

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1. Deep Tissue/ Relaxation massage

The most common type of massage is recommended for everyone. With the use of massage oil and laying down on the massage table along with draping or body cover exposing only the body part that is being massaged. A hot towel wipe is used to remove the massage oil from the body after the massage session. 

*This service is not intended to be the medical treatment of any kind. Our services are only intended for relaxation purposes. A hard massage pressure may worsen any existing pains. All of our staff do not hold any New Zealand Medical licenses and qualifications For any serious pains or injury. Please visit your G.P. or doctor first. We will not accept any liabilities for anyone ignoring this advice.

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2. Traditional Thai massage

We serve only Thai yoga massage in its original form. No oil is used. [we do not serve deep tissue Thai massage combine with oil like in other Thai massage spa] Thai massage is also known as "Lazy man's yoga". With this treatment, We do provide loose clothing to be worn. Thai yoga massage is not recommended for first timers or anyone with less flexible body.

*This service is not intended to be the medical treatment of any kind. Our services are only intended for relaxation purposes. A hard massage pressure may worsen any existing pains. All of our staff do not hold any New Zealand Medical licenses and qualifications For any serious pains or injury. Please visit your G.P. or doctor first. We will not accept any liabilities for anyone ignoring this advice.

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3. Hot Stone massage

Basalt volcanic rocks are heated using hot water. Basalt stones we use to retain heat longer than other types of stones. 

Whole Body Hot Stone massage starts from 90 minutes on our hot stone massage procedures. 30 min to 1 hour will only cover the Back, Neck, Head & Shoulders.

*Depends on individual skin type or sensitivity. Some individuals may find it uncomfortable and may left a burn mark on the skin. Please note we set our stone heaters to 70 degree celsius which is standard. If in doubt. Please do not book this service.

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Other Treatments available in our spa

| Pregnancy massage | Foot Reflexology | Hot Stone massage | Head massage | |

4. Pregnancy massage

Suitable from 4 months of pregnancy. During pregnancy, the woman's body goes through many changes. Your therapist will be mindful of the changes in your body, use lighter relaxing, gentle strokes, and avoid any use of deep tissue techniques.

*Duration is limited to 60 mins - 90 mins, No 30 mins or 2-hour options are available.  Please note this is just an ordinary pregnancy massage, We do not serve post-partum or post-natal massage or any specialized pregnancy massage. 

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5. Focused Head massage

The full duration is only spent on head massage. We use coconut oil on your head while pressing on the major muscles on your head. Sometimes, this is more relaxing than a full-body massage.

*The customer is not required to bring any oils or anything for this treatment. But if so, the prices will remain the same, and no rebates or discounts will be given due to bringing their own material. Must be booked and priced separately form other massage services such as full body deep tissue/relaxation massage. Full body massage has also a small portion of head massage but not focused as this one.

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6.Foot Massage/Reflexology

Applying pressure to particular areas of the feet using a Thai wooden stick. 

*If you are pregnant or have existing medical conditions, please consult your doctor or G.P. first. Reflexology may trigger contractions and may cause miscarriages. Please note that our staff cannot diagnose these conditions.

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Our Spa Treatments

Some may be wondering why a Thai massage will be associated with Spa on their trading name yet it has no Sauna or bathtubs on its premises. "Thai massage and Spa" and others are just "Thai massage". It is due to the fact that we have few services that use oil, minerals and scrubs like this Body scrub and Facial treatment available in our services. But we are not a complete spa with Sauna and Bathtubs. etc. 

6. Facial scrub treatment

Spa treatment, Enjoy your face bieng massaged with facial scrub materials.

Available materials for Facial treatment:

- Lavender anti-spot scrub

- Gold anti-wrinkle scrub 

*All materials we use for facial or body scrub are ethically produced and was not tested on animals in laboratories. Regarding the ingredients, we do not know the total materials used aside from what is written on the product label for ingredients. For anyone with extra sensitive skin that may cause a skin reaction and unsure. We do not recommend booking this treatment.

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6. Body scrub treatment

Starts with 30 minutes of body scrub then a shower to wash off the scrub then a massage for the remainder of the session. A minimum of 90 minutes duration, 30 - 60 minutes option is not available.

Available materials for Body Scrub:

- Coffee Body Scrub

- Himalayan Salt scrub

- Mango and Mandarin scrub

- Milk and Honey scrub

*Only our staff controls the volume or amount of materials that will be used, as putting too much scrub may have side effects on the customer's skin. It is not good to presume that the payee will get the value of paid money if requested to apply more scrub.

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Less than an hour

How much for a massage? just the back?

- The price will depend on how long the duration of the service will be. For example: a 30 min "just the back & shoulders massage" will be $45, also a 60 min "just the back & shoulders massage" will be $75, and a 90 min "just the back & shoulders massage will be $100.

**The duration and prices listed here are for ordinary body massage [ Deep tissue & Relaxation] with or without oil. And the prices and durations listed here is not applicable for Head Massage, Hot Stone massage, Foot reflexology, Body scrub, Facial Treatment or anything else. Any customer's interpretation of pricing is not applicable and valid.

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Couples Massage

- Couples massage is available with us whenever we have two available staff on the same day and time.

Pricing for couples

-Price will be just basically multiplied by two or the number of people having an appointment. Unlike other massage spas nearby, we do not price our couples massage slightly cheaper. No Couples promotional discounts. Our services are not priced like commodities where bulk buying gets discount. just straightforward pricing and services.

-Deposits may be required for group bookings. Any appointments any three or more bookings with 90 minutes duration and at the same time

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1. Late arrival will get the session shorter while the late arrival customer still liable to pay for the full duration of the service they booked.

2. The customer will still get charged for the total price of the duration of the service booked if they suddenly reduce the time of booking upon arrival (ex. booking 90 min then reduced to 60 mins when arrived)

3. Using the washroom before/during the session will be deducted from the customer's paid time if done within the booked time.

4. If the customer is taking too much time to prepare for a session like unclothing and getting into the massage table or anything they do like a phone call. Preparation time will get deducted to the customer's paid time. We will not extend to cover. Time will finish on time so the next customer will not have to wait.

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Straight forward reminder

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This is our upfront and complete list of services. We do not serve it if it is not listed on this page. No secret code words or hidden services. We will keep repeating that we do not serve any adult extra sensual/sexual services for those cunning individuals who downplay our notices and uses indirection.  Any indirect inquiry for extra services such as legs massage or massage near private parts will not be responded to and blocked, any inquiries that we find that is self-explanatory, tricky, intention or inquries for discounts or any unusual will not be responded to. 

  • What do we have to wear anything during any treatment?
    Definitely YES. Disposable cotton underwear is provided. Draping covers your body and only exposes the area being massaged. Loose clothing is provided for Thai yoga massage. This is self-explanatory. We are not a dodgy massage establishment, an appointment will be canceled or forfeited straight away if the client asks or inquires about being nude or naked, whether jokingly just asking or in a serious manner. Most of the time, this is the opening question or testing the water inquiry of any client looking for a massage business that provides extra services if they have or can be naked during the service.
  • Can we modify the durations and steps of your services?
    NO, as this creates confusion on our staff regarding pricing and complexity in preparations of our services. Ex. 60 min massage with 10 minutes of facial treatment, or a 60 min session with 15 minutes of head massage and 45 minutes of massage. 60 minutes body scrub, 10 minutes Hot stone, or anything not on our price list. We cannot serve anything not listed on our price list. We apologize if we cannot grant any modification request our services must be booked in uniformity, with no confusing modifications. Additional notes: all our services must be booked and priced separately, Ex: 30 Back neck shoulder massage ($45) with 30 minutes of foot reflexology ($50). This an-hour appointment with two different services will be charged as $95, not as $75 same price for an hour of our standard oil massage, for example. This applies to all of our prices and services. Please consider our preparations and the materials we use with different services. ​ Sudden Time reduction request - Just in case a booked client decides to reduce the duration of the service they booked, we will still charge the price amount of the service they booked first. (ex: A client booked a 90 min or 2 hours, then upon arrival, the client has requested to reduce the duration from 2 hours to 90 mins or 90 mins reduced to 1 hour. This sudden time reduction request is also a short notice cancellation that costs us a portion of our valuable working time and must be penalized. We already set a padding time in between booked customers with at least 15 mins. We guarantee that we do not rush any customer's time unless they are late to arrive on the appointment time they have booked, and we cannot accommodate due to the following bookings.
  • What if I'm getting late for my appointment?
    Please let us know if you cannot make it on time. We will accommodate a latecomer as best as we can. But if in any case that there is an existing appointment after your session, This may shorten the length of your appointment duration as we cannot make the next customer wait out of fairness, The customer who came late will still be liable to pay for the full duration of service booked even if the duration is shortened. Anyone who will not show up without notice, cancels, or reschedule on short notice will be added to our Do Not Pre-book list. Short notice cancellations will be liable for penalty fees. Gift vouchers cannot be used as justification to re-book again without paying penalty fees for not showing up or canceling/re-scheduling on short notice, they are only welcome to walk in and it still depends on what we have available upon arrival.
  • What if I come too early?
    The appointment will start at the time the client booked, not as soon as they arrive. Please consider other clients may not be finished on their session upon the client's way too early arrival. Also our staff has to re-set up the massage tables. Also, There may be no available parking slots upon the customer's arrival as the other client is not finished with their session and has not left our premises yet. If arriving early at our place is inevitable for any reason, please expect to wait before we are ready to serve. Otherwise, if we are not busy, we can start early or as soon as anyone arrives.
  • Any Deals, Packages, Promotions or discounts?
    We never conducted any promotions since the day we opened. We believe in just plain and straightforward pricing and providing services as best as possible than any price-dropping promotions. We choose laid-back, non-aggressive marketing procedures than aggressive marketing sales push. And we do not intend to match the lower prices and any monthly promotional gimmicks of other massage spas nearby. We value any potential customers' free, uninfluenced choice without the bait of lower pricing. No couple deals discounts, 75 mins for the cost of an hour massage, free 10 minutes hot stone. We do not have any VIP packages, couples massage deals with lesser pricing, or concession cards with discounts. We are not with Gr4bone, which takes commissions while dropping the prices of any businesses associated with them. Prices will remain the same even if the particular client brings or refers two, three, four, or more customers to us. We do not price our services like commodities, where bulk purchase from the same person gets a discount. Our massage therapists should not get less for doing more for the same client. Please do not ask for discounts, as refusal may offend. Any witty discount negotiators hustling our team for prices, low-ballers will be banned, trespassed / discount negotiators will not be entertained, and blocked in Facebook Messenger, email addresses, or phone numbers. Please note: As of April 2023, Almost all Thai or other massage spas have increased their prices, Our pricing is still one of the lowest.
  • Do we provide home service?
    No, as we do not have a system for this such as a distance surcharge, minimizing the effects of Auckland traffic such as a traffic avoidance plan and the main reason is we do not have safety protocols for any of our staff which is our main priority so we never plan to add home service to our services in the future.
  • Is it ok to shower at home after the treatment?
    Yes, as we only do ordinary massage services. We did not do or have any cupping procedures on our services, opening the skin's pores. Do you provide a shower after treatment? A shower is not part of the services a customer pays[unless it is a body scrub service from us], we do wipe the massage oils using hot towels infused with eucalyptus oil. But if, in any case, any client wants to have a shower, it will incur additional ten dollars($10) to cover the cost of laundry for the towels that will be provided and other consumables such as water. And it is subject to availability if, The customer booked with body scrub should use the shower first.
  • Do we have parking?
    Yes, we have parking, good enough for any ordinary vehicles not for working trucks. But please note, that anyone arriving too early may not find a free parking slot due to other clients are not done with their session yet.
  • What do we recommend for first timers in massage?
    We always recommend a massage with oil for 90 minutes for our new customers. Either Deep tissue or relaxation. 60 minutes is still rushed. 90 minutes gives our massage therapist enough time to work on the entire body, concentrating on the area that needs more attention.
  • Types of payments we accept
    We accept the two most common types of payments, Cash and Eftpos, Credit card payment is also available with a 3% surcharge. [Credit/Debit card payment is only available in person on our shop. We cannot accept Credit/Debit card payments over the phone call] This 3% surcharge does not go to our profits but merchant fees charged unto us because we do not reach the minimum quota of credit card users, unlike those big retail shops with hundreds of credit card transactions daily which the merchant fees were waived. Unfortunately, we did not subscribe to paywave; overseas credit cards may get rejected by our Eftpos machine; if you're from overseas with international Credit or any type of card, It is advisable to withdraw cash from an ATM. We are not affiliated with Laybuy, Afterpay, Zip, or any similar. We also accept bank transfers as a last resort, but the payee must use mobile banking in our shop. We cannot accept bank transfers from Australia, the United Kingdom, and anywhere overseas. We cannot accept PayPal, Alipay, Google Pay, or any advanced types of payments. *We are also aware of fake mobile apps that make fake bank payments, please be aware that we reserve the right to refuse bank transfers anytime. Also, our CCTV cameras are ready to record the identities of anyone doing that fraud, we will share the images regardless of the privacy laws we may be violating. ​ I want to surprise my friend, can I pay (someone else) for my friend's booked appointment in advance? Yes, but if doing it through a bank transfer, please request this a few days before the booked appointment, as we must confirm the payment first. We do not accept bank transfer procedures when requested on short notice or less than a day before the booked appointment. If, in any case, there is a delay in the bank transfer due to any circumstances, such as public holidays or having a different banking services provider, we will still charge the customer and refund the fee if we get it later after the customer's appointment.
  • How was a typical session done?
    We start with warm feet wash for any sessions from 60 mins and up ( excludes half body or any less than an hour appointment). The massage therapist will always double-check and ask questions about your name to ensure we are serving the right person with a booking and not a random walk-in person, the service a customer booked, and if there is any area to concentrate on or avoid. Then our staff will guide the customer into the massage room. Our massage therapist will leave the room for the client to change clothing. Disposable cotton underwear is provided. The session time starts when the massage starts, Not on foot washing. The client's eyes will be covered with a towel while facing up like a sleeping mask to promote relaxation and avoid eye contact between our staff and the client to avoid discomfort. (any of our massage therapists can request to ban and not to re-book any client who refuses to have their eyes covered, which makes any of our service staff uncomfortable with eye contact during work). The massage oils will be wiped with hot towels infused with eucalyptus oil. Then a few applicable Thai yoga stretches before finishing the session.
  • Is traditional Thai massage suitable for first-timers?
    NO, This may surprise anyone new to massage as the authentic traditional Thai Yoga massage is mainly stretching. It may be an unpleasant experience for anyone who is first time trying it unless the customer is familiar with and doing yoga, Thai massage is also known as "Lazy man's yoga". Please note that we do not do Thai massage with oil like other Thai massage spas ( Nothing wrong with that ). We only serve Thai massage in its original form or authentic Thai massage by a Thai massage therapist with legit qualifications from Thai training institutions in Thailand.
  • Do we take walk-ins, or is it better to book an appointment?
    YES, Walk-ins are welcome, but it depends on our availability and lockdown traffic light level. When walking in to any Thai massage spa similar to us. Please do not compare it to Massage places inside the malls where they are always available whenever you come and walk in. We can be busy even on Monday mornings or any weekdays where most of the customers presume that we do not have bookings contrary to weekends. Our clients not only have weekends off, but others also have days off on weekdays when they book their sessions. That is why a Thai massage is surprisingly busy on weekdays. YES, It is still best to book us than to walk in. Anyone using our online booking will always have the advantage as they can book 24/7. While phone and text bookings are only adjacent to our operating hours, We do not take phone calls after 7:00 pm, and there is also a chance that we miss a call whenever we are busy. Please do not be surprised if it is already busy and cannot accommodate a booking yet you are the first one to call in the morning. ​ - Please note, We will never sacrifice any of our staff's lunch breaks or tea breaks just for extra revenue. If, in any case, someone walks in and notices that our massage therapists are idle or not doing anything. Where they can be on break or waiting for the next customer. The health and well-being of all of our staff is more valuable to us than the extra revenue we will have if we overwork them. "people first, before money."
  • Do we accept ACC claims?
    NO, We are not affiliated with ACC, and all massage therapists working with us do not hold any medical qualification to treat any injuries the ACC covers.
  • You have great Google reviews; should we book in this place?
    Please do not book us because of ratings and what other people posted online but because of your personal choice and being happy with it, "your choice." Despite good Google reviews, we cannot guarantee that we can always satisfy 100% of our customers coming to us. There is no such thing as 100% perfection. Customer: "You have high ratings and great Google reviews. I thought you could fix me!" [Definitely not; our staff has no x-ray scanners to find, locate, and work on the specific problems of knots on your body]. We never claim that we are the best above the rest, and we firmly believe that there is always someone and somewhere better than us. Also, people are different in preferences. One person may find our staff as highly skilled and the best in Auckland. (or the client just said that with full favorable bias because they like us) while others may say our team has only average massage skills and never returned. Our client retention rate is not 100%. Please note that we are just humans and imperfect, and we cannot please everyone. Please note that we do not give discounts or free if the customer is unhappy with our service. The service given must be paid in total price. Being not satisfied cannot be used as a loophole for discounts or free service.
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