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As of 2024, Our prices remain the same and one of the lowest in the area and it is not even on promotional prices. Other average prices are from $79 to $90 per hour while it is only $75 with us, $110 to $135 while 90 mins with us is priced at $100 and the price for a two-hour massage with other nearby places ranges from $140 to $170 while we it is only $130 from us. 

Deep Tissue Massage
  • 60 mins - $75

  • 90 mins - $100

  • 120 mins - $130

Head massage [focused]
  • 30 mins - $60

  • 60 mins - $80

Foot massage/ Thai foot reflexology
  • 30 mins - $50

  • 60 mins - $75

Relaxation massage Massage
  • 60 mins - $75

  • 90 mins - $100

  • 120 mins - $130

Pregnancy Massage
  • 60 mins - $75

  • 90 mins - $100

  • 120 mins - $130

Facial scrub treatment

-Fixed to 1 hour duration only. Facial scrub options are Lavender anti-facial spot, Gold anti-wrinkle facial. This service is locked in one-hour duration only, 

  • 60 mins - $95

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage (no oil)
  • 60 mins - $75

  • 90 mins - $100

  • 120 mins - $130

Hot Stone Massage
  • 30 mins -  $65

  • 60 mins - $95

  • 90 mins - $130

  • 120 mins - $155

Massage and body scrub treatment

-From 90 minutes to 2 hours only. 60 mins is not applicable.

Scrub options are Coffee scrub, Himalayan salt, Mango and Mandarin, Milk and Honey. 

  • 90 mins - $125

  • 120 mins - $165

Price for any less than an hour massage
  • 15 mins - $25

  • 20 mins - $30

  • 25 mins - $35

  • 30 mins - $45

  • 35 mins - $50

  • 40 mins - $55

  • 45 mins - $60

  • 50 mins - $65

  • 55 mins - $70


- The prices listed here is a breakdown of Back Neck, Head and Shoulders or Deep tissue massage only. The prices listed here cannot be used as a reference for any other services such as head massage, foot massage/reflexology, hot stone, facial scrub treatment, and body scrub. 

- The price depends on how long the intended duration is, regardless of how small the portion of the muscle group the customer wants to be massaged. 30 mins just the shoulder will be $45, and 60 mins just the shoulder will cost $75

-The prices will remain the same with or without oil. Prices are non negotiable for any discounts.

- 15 min, 20 min & 25 mins are for walk -ins only and if we can accommodate those short durations and cannot be booked online and when contacting us on phone, verbally or any communication media. The shortest duration a customer can booked is from 30 minutes duration.

- Any Client's personal understanding or interpretation regarding our prices and services are not honored or valid.

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Price list 

Paperless brochure or pricelist, available for screenshots or downloads.


Frequently asked questions regarding price and payments

How much for couples massage?

Prices will be the same as the price of single person appointment, price is multiplied by two or number of appointments. We do not have any couples promotions. Same pricing on vouchers if purchasing two or more.

Is there an additional charge for harder pressure?

- NO, we do not have this additional $10 for 60 min, $15 for 90 mins & $20 for two hours additional fee for harder pressure given direct to the therapist. Our massage services is not just rubbing the oil on body and should always have adequate pressure regardless of any reason or else its just like applying a lotion on your body and couldn't be regarded as a massage. But please note, the feeling or sense for massage strokes pressure may be depending on the person's body type and skin, fat and muscle layer structures and our staff reserve the right to refuse a customers harder pressure request especially if this is too hard for our staff.

- For any medical concerns or any serious pains please see a qualified and NZ licensed physician or your GP as harder pressure may not remove any serious muscle pains but may also possibly make medical conditions get worst such as rheumatism, workplace injuries from bad lifting posture and more. *Repetitive reminder, regardless of the health benefits of massage, massage services here in New Zealand is not regulated by the NZ Ministry of Health and we as an ordinary massage spa should not be treating any human ailments or any medical conditions such as treating a serious muscle pain by applying a harder pressure without medical assessment which is we are not legally allowed to do so. 

Any promotions or deals and when?

- We do not have any promotions. We do not pay attention and follow any seasonal or regular discount promotions of other massage spas nearby.

[Please do not ask for discounts or any of those promotions from our counterparts when booking or inquiring with us by phone, as those are not mentioned here on our website]. Just straightforward pricing and services.

- No fees add on. Our staff will apply reasonable massage pressure on default without additional $10 fee.

- Our prices was not inflated higher than normal price then apply the target normal lower price on promotions to create an impression of discounts and lower pricing.

- No VIP membership plans with discounted prices. Our services is not sold like commodities where bulk buying gets lesser price. We leave this marketing style to others.

Are you with Grabwan?

We never integrated with any deals or bargain marketing website believing that they bring the customers to any particular business and taking commission fees per customer transactions.

How about 8ip, l4ybuy and 4fterpay?

We are not associated or registered with them. We understand how helpful those payment options are to our customers. However, it is very costly for us to be associated with them as they incur ongoing fees to any small business associated with them unlike when a consumer is able to repay their lent money on time (according to a Money Hub NZ review, 80% of 4fterp4y 2017's revenue is from businesses associated with them and only 20% from late payment fees). Also, unlike credit card allows surcharges, those lending companies do not allow businesses to pass the fees to the consumer. It is quite remarkable for us how our other massage spa's which have 4fterp4y sticker on their store front then suddenly removing it after few months being with any of those lending companies and this affected how we are not inclined to sign up with any of them. We sincerely apologize to customers who use their lending services that we could not accommodate.

Can ACC cover the cost of my massage?

- NO. Our services are not intended to treat any injuries which ACC covers. Also none of our team members have NZ medical license or qualification of any kind. For ACC cover, please see Physiotherapist, Osteopaths, Acupuncturist or any medical services registered or regulated by the Ministry of Health and services integrated with ACC. Please note, Massage services is unregulated by the Ministry of Health here in New Zealand, we should see massage as for relaxation purposes only unless the massage therapist have other medical qualifications. 

- We are not with Southern Cross or any insurance providers who may compensate your massage fees.  

Can we take bank transfer?

Yes & No

No - Not in short notice, we must confirm any payments first. If the payment did not get through due to the payment is made too soon or any, we will still charge the customer and refund the funds later if arrived late. For anyone wanting to cover or pay for someone's treatment, please settle it in advance and not in short notice.


Please note that we are familiar with fake bank app scams that usually occurs in a Facebook marketplace transactions and learning from experience of others, so it is very important to us to see and verify the funds on our account, not just only a screenshot of a bank transfer payment.


Yes - Please arrange it in advance.

Please note:

  • We cannot take any bank transfer from Australia, United Kingdom, United States or anywhere overseas.

  • Screenshots for showing to confirm any bank payments is not accepted, we must verify it that the funds has been successfully transferred  to our own bank account. 

Do we accept credit card?

Yes, but it will incur a 3% surcharge; this surcharge goes to the banking institutions implementing this surcharge. In no way did that 3% add to our profits. Big businesses can get away with credit card surcharge due to the high volume of customers using credit card users. In contrast, a small business like ours gets penalized for not reaching the minimum quota. Also, we do not have to follow other small business who willingly sacrifices that 3% for the banking institutions; we will pass that surcharge if the customer chooses to pay using a credit card.

Please note: Credit /debit card payments can only be made in person using our Eftpos machines. We are incapable or will never collect any credit/debit card details on the phone or email/text to receive payments.

- Overseas / International Credit Cards: Please be aware that our Point of Sale Machines (EFtpos) may not be able to read any cards from overseas. It is advisable to withdraw cash on ATM first for payments. Receipts or invoices can be given if requested for any cash payments.

How Are services are done?
  • - Verifying the arriving customer if they have a booking, Asking the name, the services and duration they have booked. Walk ins are welcome if we have availability upon their walking in arrival.

  • - Starts with feet washing with warm water for any full body massage such as Deep Tissue, Relaxation Massage, Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Body Scrub Massage with no less than 60 mins duration with exception of 30 minutes foot reflexology. But we may skip feet wash if the customer arrives late. No feet wash for Back Neck Head and shoulder, Focused Head Massage and facial scrub treatment.

  • - Leading the client into the room, giving few moments for unclothing to prepare for the massage. We do count the time from the start of the massage not from arrival, feet washing or preparation, but if the customer has arrived late or takes too long to prepare or unclothe, including toilet breaks when the time has passed the agreed appointment booking time, the duration time will be deducted against the time that the customer has paid. We may be lenient if we are not busy and extend it anyway but "only if not busy".

  • - Unclothing, Underwear must stay or wear the disposable underwear we provide, then lay down facing down into massage table and must cover the body the white bath towel provided. Please note that we will cancel an appointment if the customer request not to be covered by draping, not wanting to wear any underwear or be nude this is non negotiable regardless of any reason such as cultural, not comfortable even medical condition excuses. In addition, our staff will not assist anyone to unclothe and we may just cancel the appointment if the customer is incapable to prepare for themselves, so if booking for elderlies, please assist them. A client cannot be nude in the presence of any of our staff regardless of any reason.

  • - Draping or wide sheet of linen is used to cover the massage receiver's body, only exposing the body part that is being massaged. 

  • - Whenever the client must face up or turn over, the eyes must be covered by sleeping mask or a small towel. This is to promote relaxation and encouraging the body hormones responsible for relaxation to activate when they are are closed and mainly for the customer's and our staff comfort avoiding unnecessary eye contacts between the customer an our staff. This step of using eye sleeping mask is mandatory regardless of any reasons.

  • - Prior to finishing the massage services, our staff will use hot towels to wipe the oil out of the skin. No Shower bath is necessary.

  • - After the massage or any services, our staff will leave the client to gear up or wear their clothes back, please do mind that we need the client to set up themselves as soon as possible so we can prepare the room for the next client. We will force to enter the room with or without their permission if in any case the customer is taking too long to set up themselves also to check if the customer is still conscious or fell asleep. 

  • - Check your items before you go. The client may be required by our staff to remove any jewelry or accessories but it is still the client's sole responsibility to check all of their items or belongings with them before leaving the room and our place.

  • - Tea, plain drinking water or a cold refreshment is available and offered after the service.

Book a single service then request to have multiple services to save on prices. If I book 90 min or 2 hour deep tissue /relaxation massage, can I include 30 min foot reflexology or head massage and pay only the price of the massage ?

NO. Our services must be booked and priced separately. 90 minutes appointments with multiple services must be priced separately. 

- Example: 60 min deep tissue massage priced at $75 with 30 min foot reflexology priced at $50 will cost $125, not $100 similar to the price of 90 minute deep tissue massage.

- Example: Customer wants 30 minutes back, neck head and shoulder massage which costs $45 and 30 minutes foot massage/reflexology which costs $50 but booked it as a 60 minutes deep tissue massage at price of $75, saving the customer of $20 which is supposed to be priced at $95. We will decline this request. Either we will served the one customer has booked originally or charge more to match the prices of the requested services.

- Example: A customer booked for a two hour Deep Tissue massage with the price of $130. Then upon arrival, requested to have a one hour Deep Tissue Massage priced at $75 and one hour Traditional Thai Massage also priced at $75 with equivalent of two hours in duration as well. The session will be priced at $150 or $75 x 2 different services not at $130 for the price of two hour Deep Tissue Massage which was a single service.

Please consider the materials, preparation time and extra efforts that our staff puts on multiple services. The services we offer must be booked and priced separately.

Can we modify the prices and durations of your services?

No, as this will confuse both our staff and other customers, the pricelist and services and its details must be always in unchanging form all the time. Each of our staff's prices calculation may differ from each other if they became obligated to modify the prices and duration that is not on our pricelist and customers may spread a wrong pricing information regarding our prices and services. As much as we value flexible options for our customers, we are also careful that things do not get too complex and confusing in pricing and preparation procedures of materials for each types of services so we will only stick to the prices along with the duration of the services that we listed. If its not on our list, we do not serve it. Example: A customer want a 10 minutes foot reflexology or focused head massage included in a 60 minutes deep tissue massage cut the price of 1 hour massage into 50 mins and calculate the new price for 10 min head massage / foot reflexology / hot stone or any that we do not have in the list like four hands massage. We will decline those price and durations modifications request. All of our other services such as Focused Head Massage, Foot reflexology & Hot Stone will always have a minimum duration of 30 minutes, Facial scrub treatment is locked in one hour duration and our body scrub starts from 90 minutes.

Do you have parking?

Yes, we have three parking slots, but please be mindful that you may not find a parking if you arrived too early while other customers are not done yet with their service but there are more available parking slots beside or just over the fence for shoppers here in Glendene.

What happens if I abandon my booking?

- It will incur penalty fees. Not showing up on appointments or re-scheduling/canceling on short notice also has a price, 100% of the price of the service booked by the customer for simply not showing up on an appointment and 50% of the price of the service booked by the customer for re-scheduling or canceling on short notice. The basis of penalty fees is to charge for the timeslot that a customer reserved for themselves that they did not attend which became unavailable for other customers that we have missed to serve due to any no show bookings, you basically pay for the time that was wasted for not showing up or we are risking to waste for canceling or re scheduling on short notice. Unlike retail merchandise, we cannot bring back the available timeslots to the shelves or display for re-sale or to go back in time to call back the customers we have missed. Short notice re-scheduling or cancelation also has a significant impact on our productivity as we risk the time being wasted if we could not replace the booking and its costing us of missing a customer and it is not about how our staff did not do work and get tired due to customer not showing up on agreed appointment time. Like you and everyone else, our time is also important to us. We do not rebook a no-show or short notice canceling/ re-scheduling customer until the penalty fees are paid. Please only book an appointment if you are sure of your personal and work schedule. click here for our full no show and short notice/re-schedule policy

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