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Closed on Wednesdays

By contacting us, You have read and agreed to all the reminders on this page

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Additional reminders:

  • Like you and everybody else, our time is also important. Be aware that you will be listed on our DO Not Re-book list if you do not show up on your appointment, cancel or re-schedule your booking on short notice, and will incur penalty fees or be banned from our services. If you are unsure of your personal or work schedule, arrival time due to traffic, or feeling sick, please postpone booking an appointment, regardless of any reasons such as emergences or any unforeseen circumstances, no excuses. We are serious about this policy.

  • NO HOLD/reserve THE TIME. Do not book an appointment with the purpose of just to hold the timeslot and then cancel or re schedule it on short notice whenever it became inconvenient on your schedule to come. Let other customer have the available timeslot and let us have our productive time, short notice cancellation or scheduling has a negative impact on us. Only book if you are sure and in control of your personal and working time/schedule or other appointments with other professional services such as your GP/doctor, dentist, lawyer, etc. Regular repeat or loyal customers are not exempted from penalty fees and will be added to the do not re-book list for short notice re scheduling or cancelations and will always apply even if any of our staff missed to mention it.

  • Arriving late on your appointment may reduce the duration of your session if our schedule is not flexible. Also, you will still be charged the total price of the service you have booked at a reduced duration time.

  • Finalize your booking, we will still charge the price of the duration of the service that you have booked incase you suddenly decided to downgrade or reduce the duration of the service you have booked regardless of any reasons (ex: customer booked for 90 mins but requested to reduce the time to 1 hour upon arrival or booking a hot stone massage then change to ordinary deep tissue massage) You must pay for the additional service materials we have prepared and available timeslot you have reserve for yourself that prevented the other clients to take.

  • 15-minute grace period. If we were not notified of late arrival due to any unavoidable circumstances or regardless of anything and, 15 minutes have passed. We reserve the right to cancel any bookings, even if the booked customer arrives later, to give the slot to our waiting list. Also, as the booking was not attended, it will be regarded as a No Show that may get the booking client added to do not re book list regardless of any reasons.

  • We do recommend to our website visitors and all callers to explore the website first before calling mainly for prices, detailed services description, gift vouchers, types of payments we accept and so on. Also, our terms and conditions as you will be accepting our T's & C's on default when booking with our services.

  • CAUTION: No Medical treatment services were provided here nor give medical advise or assessments if massage is suitable to each of clients current medical conditions. We do not have any medical expertise of any kind and we could not asses or screen clients if our services suits them. For any medical assessment, advice, serious pains including any workplace injuries due to bad lifting posture, please consult your doctor/G.P. or any NZ licensed medical practitioner, it is you the client's responsibility to seek any medical advise first before getting a massage if it is suitable for you, not us in Khunchai Thai Massage and spa to asses your medical condition and it is your responsibility to be transparent with us regarding any of your past and current medical conditions, medications or anything related, not to conceal anything just to be able to use our services. Massage may have health benefits but our services are for relaxation purposes only and all of our staff does have any license from the New Zealand Ministry of Health. Disclaimer: If you call us and book ahead with us, YOU AGREE and accept to all of our medical disclaimers IN DEFAULT.

  • If in any case a client got recommendation or suggestion from any NZ Doctor or any licensed physician to get a massage, we want this in writing with the name and signature of the G.P. or Doctor who recommended to get a massage. So just in case anything goes wrong with the suggestion from the doctor, they shall be held liable, not us. Along with this, we also reserve the right to decline any client regardless if they have been recommended to get a massage by a doctor, their G.P or any medical services provider.

  • We find it unusual and inappropriate when someone requesting a massage around groin and muscle areas near genital area. We do not provide any sports massage as it is most often associated with extra adult services, please see a physiotherapist or osteopath for sports massage. For anyone needs a massage around legs and near genital area, please go see your doctor.

  • We do not respond to texts or pick up phone calls after hours from 6:45pm in the evening. Also, any inquiries done after-hours will not be responded to and will be added to block contacts. We do not provide booking reservations for our services near closing time at 8:00pm with extending the duration beyond our closing time or after hours after 8:00pm. The later time in the evening a customer wants to book, the less we trust the inquiring customer and raise our guards up. This is not a brothel, night club or a massage establishment open till late night with extra adult services and we will be closed before middle to late evening regardless of any situation.

  • Roaming overseas mobile numbers may work, or you can call us while you're here in New Zealand. But we may not be able to call or text you back if we miss your call using your overseas roaming mobile number.

  • Any mobile number that has sent malicious inquiries before, such as extra services, even after a long time ago, has been blocked and cannot contact us.

  • Lowballing or negotiating for the discount will get the number of anyone attempting to inquire will get blocked. This includes any pricing misleading attempts such as accusing any of our team members or claiming anyone mentioned a cheaper pricing, showing us our old pricelist and enforcing the older lower prices or any similar scenario. Witty and tricky discount negotiators are not tolerated.

  • Text message inquiries without context, such as "hi," "hello," or anything self-explanatory, repetitive, tricky, open-ended questions, or already shown on this website, such as "I want/wanting a massage", "Do you do massage?" "how much?" "how many girls are working?" "do you do leg massage?" "age of the staff working" "can I have/are you available for a massage? ( but the message sent after hours) " are red flags that will not be responded to. A normal customer should be only looking for the skills of who will provide the massage service, not the age of the massage therapist or how they look like. The contact details will be added to blocked contacts.

  • Text messages should be direct to the point and regarding booking an appointment only, not to start a random chat not related to services or with an intention to negotiate our prices and services, testing the waters for anyone looking for any extra services or any gimmicks. If the conversation has more than five dialogues from us and the inquiring customer and still no booking has been made, we will halt responding and may block the message sender for trolling.

  • Have a gift voucher from Khunchai Thai Massage but listed to do not rebook list and cannot make a phone call? You are still welcome to our services with limitations for walking in only, and we are not liable to ensure any availability when walked in.

  • Private numbers are auto-rejected by the communication device we use to prevent anyone on our do not re-book list from making a booking or recording the phone number of anyone who will do so. And primarily for documentation, to make it possible for us to report to Netsafe any callers who commit crimes under the Telecommunications Act of New Zealand laws.

  • If we are not picking up the phone, everyone is busy, our massage therapist may hear the phone ringing but they will not take the time of the customer they are serving to pick up your call. The receptionist maybe also be out to take some supplies or laundry. Your call is important and we will follow up as soon as we can with a call back if we missed your call within 15 minutes or with text a text message if it was 20 minutes to more than an hour ago just in case you may have not contacted another similar service provider. We apologize in advance if we could not attend your call / calls instantly.

  • Give us precise details to book your appointment or you will not get a booking. "I'm on my way there now," "I will be there soon," "I will call back later," phone call history records or call logs, etc. are not considered bookings but as a walk-in, if the caller arrives and we cannot guarantee any availability if the caller comes. To book an appointment, please give us your name, the time you want to book, and the duration of the service you intend to book, as we need those basic details to make or reserve a booking for the caller. Again, we cannot hold the time for you, please confirm the appointment, please only book with us if you are sure of your schedule.

  • A customer cannot request to hold the time for an appointment with able to cancel or re schedule later on short notice. Please do not book if you are unsure of your time or schedule and let others take the time slot. (refer to our short notice cancelation or re scheduling policy, this will always apply to everyone for any reasons even if any of our staff or substitute receptionist forgot to mention it)

  • The chance of getting an appointment in short notice or wanting to book "right now", "soon" is low. 

  • Please be patient if the time you want to book is unavailable, abstain from trying to confuse the receptionist with the booking. All our bookings are computerized or with database software and a manual notebook for backups only. Online bookings are identified by the time when it is booked or which appointment was placed or booked first. The customer's home or IP address or with us on our premises.

  • For safety reasons, whenever you arrive for your appointment, do not cover your face, please remove your hat, hood, sunglasses, helmet or anything that will cover your identity, cap + sunglasses or facemask combined are not allowed. We will regard it as a threat against our safety whenever anyone walks-in or roams around our premises with concealed face or identities avoiding CCTV cameras. We will not unlock our security doors and deny entry, cancel your appointment, activate our alarm siren or call 111 police emergency services.

  • Hanging the phone immediately after we pick it up will get the caller's number be blocked for security reasons. The caller cannot choose who will pick up the phone call on our end. Suppose the call is made by mistake. Please have the courtesy of telling us, "Sorry, wrong number," rather than simply hanging up that call which will raise our suspicion for scams/sales or any gimmickry targeting any of our staff by selecting who will the caller talk to, customers looking for a Thai massage that has only ladies staff, or any gimmicks. Again, switching the mobile number settings to block or private will not reach our phone.

  • Do not be a nuisance caller and abstain from asking for any services with an adult, sensual, sexual nature despite seeing our multiple notices all over our website, even if it is just a mere asking, hoping to squeeze out any extra services out of a legit Thai massage spa like how those punters suggest on online forums for adult services. (all our business cards also have notices or any communication media we have our numbers on) We will hang up the phone politely or rudely and block the caller. For anyone looking for any adult or dirty extra services, let us tell it directly that we do not want you and your money and you are not welcome, please go elsewhere. Please note that the phone was answered by a man most of the time, not a lady receptionist like in most other Thai massage places.

  • Please, No cold calling marketing sales such as us, website services, marketing, Eftpos machines, etc. Also, please make no religious proselytizing phone calls. Best and trustworthy products and services does not need to be pushed  by any aggressive sales person and we do not conduct cold calls to any marketing/IT offices or firms during their operating hours or any church organizations to come and book a service with us, so please do not do it to us. Thank you. 

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