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CLOSED every WEDNESDAYs  Please ensure you get a booking confirmation on your email address by completing this booking. Text code message sent to your phone is only for human user verification purposes. The booking has not yet been made and registered upon receiving that 6-digit code. Please call us if you get stuck Thank you for supporting & booking with us.


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No online payment has occurred

There was no part of online booking that we take any debit or credit card details, so no customer can claim that they already paid online. All customers booked online has still to pay in person at the shop. That online payment feature is not active with our online booking software. If anyone booking for someone else, please ensure that they knew that the appointment is not paid yet to avoid embarrassment of getting told that they are still not paid. The shop receptionist maintains this website, not from any third-party I.T. services so we know what we are doing and absolutely sure of this.

No screenshots. Please complete the booking 

There will be no bookings that will get recorded or registered if the online booker takes a screenshot of the time, date, and some details of the appointment in the middle of the online booking process and shows that screenshot as the booking confirmation upon arrival. Anyone doing this may get turned away if we do not have availability upon arrival like a walk-in customer. The customer must tick "I agree" with our conditions and cannot bypass that through screenshots. Booking confirmations must be received at the email address that you have provided. Likewise, we in the reception get a booking confirmation on our working email address whenever the customer completes the online booking and its is easy for us to anticipate when the arriving customer have a booking or just walking in. Please be aware that we activated the two-way verification process for security so that you are doing the booking yourself and not anyone else using your name, sending the key six-digit codes to the mobile number you have provided. We understand that not everyone is tech savvy but we have to add this step for extra security against identity fraud. For anyone who needs assistance or first time to book online with us, please feel free to call us during our operating hours only for assistance or send us a message on Contact Us page 24/7 including public holidays.

Comming Late

Please let us know; we will accommodate you as best as possible. But your appointment will be shortened if the day's booking is already busy and not flexible. Why? Because we cannot let the next customer wait when they come on time for their appointment out of fairness. Also, the late coming customer is responsible for paying the full price for the entire duration of the service they have booked. Why? Because the late coming customer reserved the time slot and prevented others from booking around that portion of the reserved time. It is not Khunchai Thai Massage Ltd's fault that the customer is late for not estimating the traffic and travel time or any reasons and we will not cover the loss.

Be careful booking with the wrong place, Close the other Thai massage websites when you have chosen.

Did you open multiple browsers with Thai Massage websites to compare and choose? When you made your choice about which place you are going to book online, we recommend to closing the website browser of other (or our this website browser if you choose to book with other) Thai Massage as you book online, you risk coming to a wrong place or other Thai Massage place who also uses the same online booking software we use thinking that you have booked with us but used their online booking software, arrive on our spa on your appointment but we have no record of your bookings or we are closed. Out of respect to the other Thai Massage, we will not take the customer with wrong booking even if we have availability upon arrival and we will recommend them to attend their booking to where they have booked. Booking confirmations will always have the name of the business, logo and its address.

Comming too early

Please come to our place close to the time you have booked an appointment. We cannot start your service as soon as you arrive. Please consider that there may be no available parking slots as other customers are not finished with their session yet, and our staff has to re-set up the tables for the next customer. We cannot start as soon as you arrive.

Estimated arrival time

Please consider estimating your arrival time on our place for your appointment, The road traffic is surprisingly becoming busier on the road even on weekends here in Auckland. Google maps is very useful to show the heavy traffic build up along the route by looking for the directions to our place. The red along the route shows slow moving traffic, orange is moderate to slow move of traffic, blue is smooth moving traffic. Google maps can help you avoid the roads with heavy traffic build up.

Sudden time reduction request

If you booked for a certain amount of time, then suddenly decided to reduce the duration on short notice or upon arrival. From 2-hour booking reduced to 90 minutes, 1 hour or 30 minutes, or any similar scenario when a customer booked for a longer duration then suddenly reduces the duration for less on short notice or upon arrival. The client will still have to pay for the full duration time they have booked, not the price amount of the reduced duration. Why was this? The customer will not use the time why will still be charged the same? Answer: because the customer has prevented other potential customers who wanted to make a booking within the portion of the time they booked and reserved for themselves. Those requests are also another form of short notice cancellations by canceling the portion of the time they have booked. Also, some customers do this as a trick to ensure that they will not get rushed (ex. booking 90 mins for 1 hour only intended appointment) ensuring extra padding time between them and the next customer. With our straightforward non promotional pricing, we guarantee that we do not rush any appointments and we have already allocated padding time between booked customers from our own time without reducing the customer's paid time unless the customer comes late on their appointment. 

Please be ready to respond whenever we wanted to verify your booking

We may verify any bookings whenever we think that there is a mistake such as bookings with multiple appointments one after another, couples massage note but only booked a single appointment, customer using fancy nicknames or any thing we think unusual. Please be ready to accept our calls or respond whenever we wanted to check and verify your booking. We reserve the right to cancel any bookings if we cannot reach the booker and not responding.

Not showing up on appointments and Short Notice cancellation / re-scheduling notice

No-shows and short-notice cancellations will be recorded. Customers doing those will be refused to re-book in the future even if they got a gift voucher purchased from us and given as a gift by someone; penalty fees must be cleared first before we can re-book any no-show and short notice canceling customer again. Please note that the record will stay indefinitely. This also includes canceling appointments or rescheduling on short notice. Please do not book if you are not sure of your work and personal schedule. At this point, the client is still welcome to our services but only as a walk in and if we have any availabilities upon their arrival. We are not obligated to ensure that there will be any availabilities for any walk-ins upon their arrival. 

Note: The basis of penalty fees is to recover the time and work we have lost and other customers who could have booked for that particular timeslot we have missed due to any booking that timeslot which was not attended that blocked our schedule. There is no exception including to our regular repeat and loyal customers and always comes on time as the wages of our staff still have to be paid. We are not charging penalty fees for nothing.

Book for just to hold the timeslot then cancel/re schedule on short notice - Please do not book an appointment with the purpose of just holding the timeslot then cancel it on short notice when the plans have changed or it is not convenient to come. Let other customers book the available appointment and let our staff earn if you are not sure that you can attend that appointment you are booking regardless of any reason. Being a regular/loyal customer will not exempt you from penalty fees or added to do not rebook list. This normally happens on long weekends or holiday season. 

-Short notice cancellation/re-schedule further notes: cancellations or changes done after hours or when we are closed are not counted. The time is calculated from 9:30 am when we open in the morning to the appointment time of a booking, not from any midnight hours when any of our staff is away from work. (For example: a booking for 1:00 pm canceled at midnight will be considered a short notice cancellation with less than 12 hours of cancellation notice from 9:30 am.) No Shows, Short notice re scheduling, and cancellation were strictly implemented even if the customer is not aware of this policy (or just downplays it) as this affects our income, productivity, and potential new and regular clients we are missing out.

Cancelling when sick - any sick individual will be aware of their medical condition in the morning. We may consider the short notice cancellation if the booked customer calls before noon time to cancel the booking, including any appointments before 12:00 pm. But there will be no considerations for anyone calling to cancel or re schedule their booking near or close to the time of appointment from noon time to afternoon till evening due to being sick including those who took the medicine waiting to feel better later but still feeling ill and cancelled/re schedules on short notice, 50% penalty fee will apply for holding up our time. See our full No show & Short notice cancelation/re-scheduling policy.

Regular repeat loyal customer or not, Penalty fees applies to everyone. We cannot be guilt tripped and we are just protecting our valuable productive time by charging penalty fees or not rebooking any no shows or short notice canceling/re scheduling customers. Regardless of any reason, we will not shoulder the loss for any circumstances or reason that a customer cannot attend their booking that we did not wished or caused ex: traffic, personal / work schedule, kids suddenly became sick, emergencies, etc.

Warning: Do not help anyone on the Do not re-book list due to not showing up or canceling on short notice to book using a friend's or other family member's name and contact details to book an appointment with us while the penalty fees are not settled. We will ban anyone we suspect of helping a no-show customer to book with us and issue a trespass notice if we recognize the no-show customer booked under a different name. 

Anyone who constantly books an appointment and re-schedule or cancels a booking will be observed and will be on our watchlist. If that booking is from a legit client who has an unstable schedule or a fake booking from our counterpart Thai massage businesses that want to clog our bookings availability on a busy day and cancels but also who are clever enough to observe our policies so that their account will not be added to do not re-book list. We reserve the right to block and ban anyone suspected of sabotaging our bookings availability.


Online booking technical facts

Available time suddenly becomes unavailable?

Already picked the available timeslot then suddenly became not available? Because other clients like you booking online are also taking the same timeslot, and unfortunately, they were a few seconds faster than you completing the booking. Taking the time slot you wanted to book usually happens on weekends.

Booking for the current day but the booking confirmation is for tomorrow or other incoming days?

Whenever we are fully booked for the current day or the preferred massage therapist that a client is trying to book is not available within the current day, the cursor will be on the next day, and without realizing it, the online booking customer is picking the timeslot for the following day that has availabilities, not within the current day they wanted to book. Please watch out for this automation. Always check the booking confirmation sent to the provided email address to see if the intended appointment details are correct.

Booking for couples or two or more people at the same time?

Please book two timeslots or with two available massage therapists available on the same day at the same time [ book twice with the same time slots ]. Please do not force book two different time slots or book a single booking by adding a note, "this is for couples massage." or book an appointment one after another. The online booking software we use are still developing this couples booking feature. The online software we use is not capable of booking for couples with one go like with the other Thai massage online bookings.

Online payment is not activated.

Our account with the online booking software provider is only for online bookings and text message reminders, online payments and deposits are not included in our software payment plans, and there will be no portion of our online booking that will collect or require debit or credit card details to secure any bookings or have the service paid already online. So therefore, no customer could pay online, all booked customers must still pay in person on our premises.

No "booking as a guess" option

Anyone wants to book must create an account and to log-in and must be verified by SMS text code verifications. [ SMS txt code verifications is required every 3 months or 90 days for regular repeat customers that always re-book].[May need to verify again sooner if the user is booking using another device] This is for security ensuring that you are doing the booking yourself, not anyone else using your identity, plus reduce or minimize those play or troll bookings that the booker will not attend. Please note that we customized our own settings and may differ from other massage spa or clinics that uses the same online booking software.

Close the browsers containing the website of other Thai Massage place using the same software when booking online

You may be comparing our services with other Thai Massage spas and opened multiple browsers. Please ensure that you do not get confused about which place you made a booking mostly if the other Thai Massage places also using Gettimely for online bookings. We have incidents where customers come in who think they have a booking with us, but they booked with another place when we checked the emailed booking confirmation along with customers canceling their booking despite not having a booking with us. 

When is the soonest or the latest I can book an appointment?

One hour or 60 minutes from the current time is the soonest appointment that an online booker can book *if our timeslots are available. or else the soonest available time or next available day if our schedule is already busy or the day is fully booked. The latest that a customer can book in advance ahead is in three weeks from the current day.

No reply email and text msg reminder

The email that sends the booking confirmations is a no reply email, we will not receive any response by replying the booking confirmation email. For any changes or cancellations, please call or text us on our mobile number or send us a message in the contact page of this website.

Edit name, Account settings or changing your personal details

The software is a mere or basic online booking software. The GUI or interface is very limited and cannot be edited similar to your social media accounts for your personal details. Just incase you need to change your email address, phone number or name changes, please contact us directly and we can do those for you. If you cannot change your name to the person you wanted to come using your personal details that you used to booked before (ex: your partner, spouse, friend) feel free to add any remarks on the comment box the name of the person coming for the appointment. They must mention the name that used on the booking or we may turn them away for mistaking them for a walk-in customer without appointment.

It is not required to download anything to make a online booking.

There is no need to download anything or install any app that is linked to the website hosting provider. Just use the widget on this page. Anything a website visitor may download to make a booking will not be honored.

Why your online booking is different from other Thai massage places?

The online software we use is Gettimely, we chose this software for being straightforward with its pricing plans, with no gimmicks, and this does not take percentage commissions per customer bookings like the Preshia. Due to cheaper or free pricing plans, more Thai massage places use Preshia over Gettimely for online bookings. But, Gettimely is more popular with health service providers, and will often see this online booking software used by medical services providers that takes online bookings, and we see Gettimely as a non-pushy and straightforward sales person, so we go with them. Khunchai Thai Massage is the first Thai massage in West Auckland to have online booking. The first online booking we had was from 22nd of May 2020 at 3:45pm.

Your listed activities on Cloud or Google calendar schedule is different from your booking confirmation.

The booking software is not integrated with Google or Cloud Calendar. Also showing us any activity listed on any calendar such as an appointment will not be honored as a booking when showed to receptionist as those listed activities or schedule notes on those digital calendars can be written without contacting us for a booking.

I.P Address is collected whenever you book online.

Please be aware that your device's IP (Internet Protocol) address is collected by the online booking software when you book online. It is possible to locate there the booking is made because of IP address using IP look ups. We keep those details private and confidential and also we do not actually check each of the bookers IP address unless required the the law or the No show customer bookings including short notice cancellation/rescheduling is repeatedly coming form the same IP address. 

I did everything right, But I cannot make a booking

We probably blocked your account due to not showing up or canceling/rescheduling on short notice while the penalty fees still need to be settled, please do not downplay it as nothing happened, please compensate to the time that was disposed and pay the penalty fees, it was recorded and not forgotten. Or any banned individual we have blocked for violating our spa etiquette or anyone our staff is uncomfortable serving. Anyone who have inquired for extra services over the phone were also blocked to our online booking as we added their mobile number to blocked list on the software. Any customers on the Do not re book list due to pending penalty fees who may create a second account or use a another person's name and details will be served a trespassed notice adding them to banned list including anyone helping them to book. We will still serve anyone on our "Do Not Re-book list as a walking in customer only if we have availability upon their arrival it is just that they cannot made a booking or reserve a time until penalty fees are paid, please note that we are not obligated to ensure any availabilities upon arrival of any walking in customers, Any one on our banned list will not be served at all and will be served a trespass notice upon arrival.

- If you are not on our do not re book list and booking online for the first time. Please make sure you are entering the right confirmation six digit codes sent by our software to your phone. Fancy stylish fonts setting on your device will create a confusion and may interchange the numbers like 1 & 7, 6 & 5, 4 & 9. Or if everything else fails, please call us during our operating hours. Please also note that using a roaming mobile number may affect on how you may contact us using your mobile phone so please also consider contacting us on email address.

More convenient to use Laptop or Desktop than any mobile device when booking online

We do acknowledge booking online difficulties complaints and feedback from customers, most of the complaints are coming from customers using mobile phones or a tablet when booking online. Please note, some of the elements of this website (applicable on other websites as well) are not visible on mobile device mode but are completely visible when you are using a laptop or a desktop. Despite our best efforts, there is nothing we can do to expand the online booking widget wider than the width of your mobile device screen. We highly recommend to use a desktop or laptop when booking an appointment. Or feel free to call us during our operating hours from 9:30am - 6:45pm or leave us a text of email when we closed on Wednesdays or any public holidays whenever we are away. (We do not pick up calls especially when we do not have our appointment bookings handy and to avoid double booking mistakes so please leave us a message on our non operating hours, we will get back once we see our booking availabilities and status.)

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