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Frequently Asked Questions

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Types of payment we accept

The most common payment types are accepted. Eftpos and Cash. A receipt is available if requested by the cold cash payer (Please do not negotiate for a discount on cold cash payments). Credit cards are also accepted with a 3% surcharge that will not go to our profits but to the bank fees due to not reaching the minimum credit card users' quota spending on our business. This 3% will be added automatically by our Eftpos machine if a credit card is detected. 

- We did not subscribe to PayWave due to the extra surcharge. Also, an Internet bank transfer is available as a last resort.

- Bank transfer from overseas, including Australia and the United Kingdom is unavailable.

- Google Pay, Alipay, Paypal, or other payment types are unavailable with us.

- We are not affiliated with Afterpay, Laybuy, Zip, or any similar

Please Note:

- We cannot accept Credit / Debit card payments through phone calls. Just a bank transfer in case the payee wants to surprise someone to pay for their session. But also, we do not accept bank transfers to pay for any appointments on short notice. We must confirm that we get the funds first.

- For Credit Card from overseas, Please withdraw cash from ATM first. Our Eftpos ( Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale ) machines may not recognize those overseas cards as the ATM does.

A.C.C. Can ACC cover my massage treatment?

NO. Most Thai massage or any ordinary massage spa here in New Zealand has no policies with ACC or any insurance provider. As our massage therapists working with us are not licensed physicians of any kind. Despite massage health benefits, Our services are intended for relaxation only. Not to cure any injuries and any human ailments. Massage clinics who provides ACC cover are most likely has a medical qualification or has a licensed Osteopath or Physiotherapist.

To know more about which treatment ACC covers, please check keywords such as: " ACC what we cover " and " ACC treatment we can help pay for "on Google

I'm sick, I'm having severe muscle pains can I book a massage?

NO. Please consult your General Practitioner (G.P.) first. Our services are not for treating any injuries, sickness or human ailments. Just for relaxation only. Our staff does not have any medical qualifications. This is also why we cannot provide ACC cover. A harder pressure being applied to the affected area by a massage therapist may worsen your simple muscle pain. We recommend visiting a Physiotherapist. We do turn away customers with health conditions that are not suitable with our services for their own health safety. We will not be liable for health consequences for anyone who concealed their health conditions or information that we needed to know to have a massage. 

How much do you charge?

The prices of services depend on the duration of service ( how long ), Regardless if the customer just wanted a small portion of the muscle group part of their body to be massaged (ex: just the neck, just the back, just the shoulder). The price starts from $25 for 15 minutes and $30 for 20 minutes. See here for the complete price list of our express massage. Please note that this price is for the basic massage services only. Head massage, Hot stone, Body scrub, and Facial treatment have a different pricing structure and can not be modified into any shorter duration. 

How much do we charge for couples ?

The same standard prices we have applies. Ex: An hour of standard massage with us is currently priced at $75, so it will be $150 (or $75 + $75) for couples. Our prices are reasonable already. We do not have any couple deals discounts like other massage spas nearby, and we do not intend to match any of their price-dropping or cheaper prices promotions. 

Any promotions discount and deals?

NO. We do not run any gimmicks, it is not part of our marketing to attract customers through engaging in price-dropping battles with other massage spas nearby or joining deals websites selling cheaper vouchers such as Grabwan or any similar. No gimmicks, just plain straightforward pricing and good service. For anyone looking for massage places with deals and price-dropping promotions, please check those massage spas around the Henderson area which are only 2 kilometers away from us

Please do not ask for discounts, as refusal may offend - It is up to the customer if they want to do business with us or not after knowing the prices for our services; we do not enforce our prices and services on anyone, so please do not haggle. The low baller is always free to check the prices somewhere else first and walk away.

NO Senior discount, No Student discount, No Birthday discount, for anyone who believes that they should get a discount, mostly our senior citizens, we recommend them to seek financial help from MSD or Ministry of Social Development for everyday living financial expenses assistance "IF" qualified. Businesses like ours will not get compensated by any organization or government branch for giving a discount to senior citizens.


If I bring or refer two / three, or more customers to your place, will I get a discount?

NO, Services should not be sold like commodities where bulk buying gets a discount, Our staff should not get penalized or get paid less by doing more work from the same client.

Do we sell concession, membership plans or cards?

NO, same reason above we cannot sell our services in bulk and at discounted prices. 

Please do not call to offer a cold cash payment in exchange for a discount. We do not do this. Please do not call to negotiate discounts. (We see it as disrespect, not a norm, social skill, or life hack money-saving skill) We will hang up the phone call from any expert lowball/discount negotiators. We do not negotiate. 

Which service is recommended for begginers?

A 90 minutes deep tissue massage is highly recommended. (60 minutes is still rushed and short) A more extended session allows our massage therapists to massage the entire body and concentrate on the areas that require more attention. Deep tissue massage is also more subtle than the traditional Thai massage and gently prepares the body for it.

Is the Traditional Thai Yoga massage recommended for begginers?

No, Unless the person is familiar with Yoga. (please refer to the previous info above) This service consists of stretching and lots of stretching. And may not be a pleasurable experience for first-timers or anyone with a less flexible body.


Please note that the traditional Thai yoga massage does not include hot massage oil. Other Thai massage spas may have modified their Thai massage procedures, but we opted just to provide the traditional yoga massage without oil.

Who will do the massage?

All of our Thai massage serving staff are Female, all are with at least more than 5 years of work experience and had worked with Hard Rock Hotel with massage spa in Spa department in Pattaya, Thailand. [We do not have any male massage therapist]. 

Are the staff in your place are qualified and registered?

Let's Elaborate on the "qualified massage therapists." 

Our Ministry of Health has no qualified massage therapists registered on their database. Massage services here in New Zealand are unregulated. The Ministry of Health regulates osteopaths and Physiotherapists. Massage therapists are not. Anyone can start up a massage business even without qualifications and training or you can purchase a massage chair without needing registrations and legal works with the Ministry of Health.

Our massage staff with National qualifications recognized by the Thai government

Our Massage therapists working with us are trained, certified and qualified by National Skill Standard Testing in Thailand. Before coming and working here in New Zealand, INZ or Immigration New Zealand checked our Thai massage therapist. The proof of legitimate years of experience and national qualifications, Medical checks and importantly, a Character check or Police clearance. Suppose ever we do employ locally here in New Zealand. In that case, we still require legitimate training certifications and qualifications here in New Zealand or Thailand, with no less than three years of professional work experience. Police criminal record checks clearance. 

M4ssag3 New Zealand - This self-governing (Not a branch of the Ministry of Health) non-profit organization of professional massage therapists here in New Zealand. They have registered massage therapists in their own organization, not from the Ministry of Health. Although we strongly agree with them that a massage therapist providing service should have proper training, qualifications and experience. Our staff cannot join them due to not having NZQA and training here in New Zealand. It will not be practical for our team to do any costly re-trainings to get NZQA to join them and to have annual membership fees.


The Ministry of Health does not require it. And not being a member or registered with any massage organization here in New Zealand does make us or any non-member Illegal , dubious business or uneducated as some of their members claims. It is only a desperate marketing attack against non-members with the help of column writer on news papers. Businesses like us works honestly and contributes to New Zealand economy by generating taxes like everyone else. It is also does not mean someone who paid thousands of dollars for massage training is always better than someone who spent less for training in Thailand, the customer experience still varies to the work experience, customer care and hospitality of the service provider. Few dubious Thai or Asian massage places should not represent us all.

What to wear during the treatment?

We provide disposable underwear, Bathrobes, and Loose cotton shirts for Thai massage. We will ensure that your body will be appropriately covered by a blanket throughout the whole session while exposing only the body part being massaged.


This part of our service is mandatory. [We will NEVER provide any of our services with the customer/client is naked or nude regardless of any reasons and circumstances] We will not accept any medical reasons, cultural norms, not comfortable or any excuses. A session will be cancelled if any customer requests to be massaged fully nude ( in a jokingly or seriously manner ), and we will also mark the client never to be re-booked again.

- Just incase we ran out of disposable underwear which we provide and a client came without wearing any underwear, we will cancel the booking and refuse service. [some people looking for extra services thinks that they can get extra services on any legit Thai massage place by doing this trick] 

Any tricky inquiries or indirect questions regarding on what to wear during the massage will not be responded and the inquiry sender will be blocked on our social media or mobile number. 

What if I am arriving way too early

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment. Anyone arriving too early may not find a parking slot in our car park as other customers are not done with their session yet plus room re-setting up. We cannot start the session straight away for anyone who arrived too early as no staff is available to serve, so please expect to wait until your booked appointment time.  

What if I am arriving Late

Please give us notice. We will accommodate you as best as we can. But if there is the next booking on your appointment, We will shorten or cut your time as we do not want the next customer to wait because of another person's late arrival. Same actions if the customer on last bookings arrived late, We will not get past our closing time as our staff has to go home on time.

Fifteen minutes - If we have not heard or we have not gotten notified by the customer within 15 minutes. We will cancel the appointment and give the slot to anyone on our waiting list. The appointment will be cancelled even if the customer arrives. The customer will also be added to our do not pre-book list for not showing up on their appointment. 

If in any case that we have a busy booking and cannot accommodate the late arriving customer to extend the duration of the booking. The late arriving customer will still be liable to pay the full price of the service they have booked despite the duration of service was reduced.

Spa? why Thai massage and Spa?

The history of the Spa will take a long to explain. So we will give a concise explanation. The spa is highly associated with relaxation treatments using minerals. The best NZ historical example is the Pink and White Terraces in Rotorua before the volcanic explosion of Mt. Tarawera in 1886 around 140 years ago.

Now, Spa can be a commercial business providing health and beauty services using oil and minerals.

"Massage and Spa" means that the premises also provide treatments that use oils and minerals, like body scrub and facial treatments, not necessarily that they have bathtubs or sauna. 

Khunchai Thai Massage is not a complete spa with hot tubs or sauna for bathing. We do provide facial treatment and body scrubs.

I tried to contact the shop number during operating hours several times But why I cant  call or text are not responded?

We may miss the customer's call when everyone is busy. Our staff will not take the client's session time, go out and pick up the phone to make the booking. Suppose no one is picking up the phone. Please leave us a text message as we are not checking our voicemail.

Your Mobile number setting is on Private caller ID - Our devices are set up to auto-reject any incoming phone calls with private number settings. All phone calls and phone numbers calling us should be documented for our protection and be easier to report the caller to Netsafe NZ in case the caller commits a crime against telecommunications acts by verbally abusing us or threatening us on the phone, also, for recording the caller's phone number who will not show up on appointment. If your mobile number must remain on private caller settings, please communicate with us using text messages. We guarantee that we do not share any of our customer contact details unless requested by NZ Police.

We may have blocked your number already - Anyone recorded on our do not re-book list due to not showing up on appointments and canceling an appointment on short notice, solicited for extra services or have sent any malicious message inquiries before, sales cold callers, and anyone have negotiated for discounts is blocked to prevent them from re-booking. Hiding the phone number in a private number will get the call auto-rejected. Khunchai Thai Massage will not notify the person that they were added to the do not re-book list. No Show and short-notice cancellation fees are not demanded and it is voluntary if the no-show customer is willing to pay to be able to book with us again or not. The client will remain recorded to our do not re-book list until the penalty fees are paid. Feel free to contact our website for payment instructions. Please do not presume that we did not record any no-show appointments and a no-show customer can book back again in a few weeks or after a year as we may have forgotten already. Why do we charge penalty fees for short notice cancellations while other Thai massages are not? This is up to every massage operator. Not illegal or against consumer law. The No show / short notice appointment canceling customer wasted our staff's time, taking away the possible earning time. We should have booked someone who would come. We do not tolerate this abuse. To settle any penalty fees, please send us a message on the contact us page of this website, we will not settle any penalty fees through unrecorded phone calls as this transaction must be documented.

Any callers with indirect inquiries regarding extra services will be blocked. Please be direct and concise on any inquiries, do not ask what we do not serve and not listed on our pricelist, Insinuation and indirect inquiries such as legs massage or massage near the private parts of the body, massage without draping or covering the body, how many girls are working? can the customer choose the therapist if they come? how old are the massage therapists / age of our staff serving? appointment after hours, questions that an ordinary client will not ask.


Also, any calls from anyone who hangs up the phone immediately after we pick up the call will be blocked. To avoid any possible phone call scams or aggressive network marketing sales people targeting any certain people on our team. Any dodgy clients looking for extra services hang up the phone immediately when a male receptionist picks up their phone call and is also blocked.

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