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Real skilled, Real professionally experienced, Real certified by legitimate training institutions in Thailand Thai massage therapists.

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Current Staff

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Frequently asked Question - which of them is the best?

This depends on the customer preference. We cannot say and recommend that Jan is the best of all for having more than 20 years as some of our clients switched to Noi from Jan and will only book Jan if Noi is not available. Also other clients would not book with Jan and Noi as they only want to book with Remy despite of having the least years of working experience, Remi is the quickest to build up her regular repeat clients among others. We had a former staff that despite having more than 25 years of work experience, she only have no more than ten regular repeat clients during her two years of working with us. While we keep our service steps and standards uniformly the same to all of our staff, as a different human individuals, there will be a slight difference between them in procedures, rapport building or people skills with different customers etc.

Former Staff

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  • Nicha / Supawadee - According to her, she is moving to south Auckland and the main reason of her resignation is transportation. Last day was 31st of July 2023. [Resignation letter attached here]. Around 20-30 Nicha's regular repeat clients were notified before she left. October 2023 update, she is working somewhere in a Thai Massage in Grafton area in Auckland CBD. Nicha has a significant amount of regular repeat clients which is more than 20. Her style is similar to Jan and their clients just switches between them whoever is available.

  • Monnie - Resigned 31st of July 2023. Moved out of Auckland to Waikato region and started her own Thai massage business. Despite being a skilled and being the most experienced massage therapist, Monnie has the least regular customer request on our team all time record which is not more than 10 clients and most of them only books an appointment few times a year so they did not get notified when she left us. Most of her regular repeat has switched to Noi after they tried her services whenever they cannot book with Monnie.

  • A-one - He is now a great hair stylist working in Auckland CBD. 

  • G.G. - Gone home on short notice to Thailand around January 2022 for family reasons. Her profile was not removed, depending on her personal circumstances, she may possibly come back to work with us. G.G was a big help to us when we are just starting. Her services made customers recommend other customers to come to us which becomes our strong regular clients even until now.

Khunchai Thai Massage and Spa is more than willing to tell and redirect the clients of any particular former team members where or which new workplace the particular staff moved to. Unless they did not tell us their real intentions or plans upon leaving employment with us, we value the client's freedom of choice. Auckland market is huge, and we will never deny any clients regular clients of any particular former staff and the chance to follow their preferred massage therapist to the competition or whenever they moved somewhere else. 

Please note that we are only protecting ourselves from false rumors or any acts of vindications from our own community group, other Thai Massage operators and its staff and countering it by being direct and informative, we lost most of our friends and got ostracized from our Thai social circle here in New Zealand when the we started our own business similar to theirs. We did not breach any employment contract conditions such as non-competition agreement when we started our business or we already faced lawsuits if we did. The former employer of one of our therapists was so unhappy when our staff did not renew the work visa under them around 2019-2020 and telling to other Thai Massage operators around Auckland to not to employ that particular person if comes to look for work, instead we started our own. None of our team members violated any Immigration law like overstaying the in the country with expired visa, got caught and sent home, all are only false rumors from former workmates and employer. 


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