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Gift Vouchers

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Purchase a gift voucher with us

Physical vouchers are available and can be purchased from our place. After a bank transfer payment, we can send the vouchers to any email address.  [Due to being short-staffed, please call first if you ever plan to walk in to purchase a physical voucher. Our door is locked when all of the staff are busy and none will halt the service to attend the door.]

Cannot think of what to buy for a present? Try to buy a voucher.

Aside from material things that are always being sold as unwanted gift, A pleasant memorable experience can be a great present, A cooking class, year of paid music subscription, Travel or simply a voucher from us.

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Contact us to purchase an electronic copy of the voucher

- Please send us a message on our contact us page. Inquire about the voucher and what type of service you would like for the voucher. It would also be ok to send the details of the person receiving the voucher so we can put their name on it.


- Payments or bank transfer payments must be confirmed before we send any vouchers. If the voucher must be ready in a specific day, please get in touch with us in advance. We will provide payment details  during the communication. Please note that we cannot accept any payment from overseas bank accounts along with credit/debit card payments. 

To repeat purchasers, Please do not pay in advance if you already have or bank account number followed by a inquiry. We have to generate a special reference number on the vouchers to be send on email addresses and we may accidentally send it to wrong recipient. Please always inquire first. Thank you.

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Terms and Conditions

  • -Must be used by a single person on one visit. A Voucher cannot be divided to make multiple appointments or claimed for a couples massage as the price of this voucher is only for a single claim. NON-REFUNDABLE ELECTRONICALLY OR IN CASH.

  • -If the holder of any of our vouchers decides to downgrade the duration of the service stated on this voucher, the rest of the remaining amount is forfeited, and we are not liable to refund the remaining amount in any form, cash or making another voucher for the remaining amount or duration of any particular voucher.

  • -The voucher holder may get turned away if they arrive at our shop without an appointment and no staff can serve them.

Any clients or individuals listed on our Do Not re-book list due to not showing up on appointments they made or short notice cancellations can only make a booking once they clear the penalty fees for the productive time that was compromised by them, which was recorded. Otherwise they are free to walk - in only and be served and claim this voucher but only if we have availability upon arrival.

**Any Banned or trespassed individuals cannot use or claim any vouchers from us.


- Non-refundable, Our voucher must be only used by a single person on a single visit. Any vouchers will be forfeited instantly if the holder violates our spa etiquette, ex: abusive behavior towards staff, soliciting for extra services we do not provide, inappropriate behavior, etc. (ref to our website for our spa etiquette). No Change or refund will be given to anyone who decided to downgrade to a service with a lower price than the service stated on our voucher and to anyone who got kicked out of the session. It is not our liability that someone who does not like a massage or any of our services got a voucher from us purchased and given by the purchaser as an unwanted present. The purchaser should ensure that the receiver of this voucher is physically fit to have a massage, or we will turn the client away.

Any holder of our voucher may get turned away if they arrive at our shop for treatment if they walked-in into our massage spa without an appointment and no staff is available to serve.

-Arriving late on your booked appointment time may shorten the duration of treatment / service stated in the voucher. No compensation or refunds will be given.

-Cancelling on short notice or not showing up on appointments will incur penalty fees.

The holder of this voucher would have to pay penalty fees if they did not attend the appointment they made or canceled their bookings on short notice. They cannot re-booked any of our services and will be blocked on all of our communication media to prevent them from re-booking. To settle any penalty fees, please send us a message on our website on the contact us page and note your name, time, and date of the booking that was not attended. NO SHOWS and SHORT NOTICE CANCELLATIONS impact our productivity, and we take this seriously at all costs, even at expense of losing a regular repeat client. If the holder did not follow up on any penalty fees until this voucher reached its expiration date, it would be forfeited while it is still in unclaimed condition to cover or pay for the productive time we lost due to not showing up on appointments or short notice cancellations of its holder.

- If, in any case, this voucher is lost, destroyed, stolen, or used without permission, Khunchai Thai massage is not liable to provide a replacement for any of our voucher. This is to avoid voucher duplications and multiple claims on a single voucher.

If, in any case, the holder of this voucher has health issues / any situations that prevent them from claiming it (or being banned with us), This voucher is transferable to a family or friend. This voucher will never be refundable for any monetary value for any reason.

- Terms & conditions will remain the same regardless of our New Zealand/local or international occurrences, such as Pandemic and lockdowns, martial law, acts of nature, etc. The voucher expiration date may be extended if a lockdown or similar occurs. Expiry date extension depends on how long a lockdown will be. This voucher will be void and terminated instantly if a civil disorder, foreign armed invasion/war, economic collapse, and any severe natural disaster occurs; if our business becomes insolvent, we go into permanent closure/failure, No extensions, and no refunds. 

Additional information


Gift vouchers can be upgraded by the voucher holder by matching the price of the service they wanted to avail of. ex:60mins massage voucher upgrades to 90 mins by adding $25. But no refunds for downgrades. 

Unwanted Vouchers

Unwanted voucher... I'm not interested nor do not like getting a massage 

It is not our liability that you or anyone got a massage gift voucher as a gift from someone who purchased it from us. It is between you/receiver and the person who bought and gave you that voucher. We have nothing to do with it and why did the purchaser purchase for the receiver a massage gift voucher from us instead of something else. We did not influence the purchaser to buy a voucher from us for the gift voucher receiver. So therefore, the voucher is non-refundable.

I have a 2-hour or 90min massage voucher.... but I do not like massage and just want to use 30 minutes.

As the terms and conditions stated in the voucher. All our vouchers are single use by only a single person for a single visit only. It is not allowed for anyone holding a 2-hour voucher to come with another person for an hour of couples massage or anyone who has 60 mins voucher and comes with another person for two 30 minutes massage sessions. The price paid for the voucher is just for single use. Doing so will have us use twice the number of consumables we use for the massage for a single session, such as washing two massage table linings instead of one, using approx 40ml of sweet almond oil for two instead of 20ml, electricity used for airconditioning and other consumables will be twice or trice the amount while the amount paid by the voucher purchaser is not enough.

Just using a portion of the voucher 

The voucher holder likes shorter massage durations and only wants to do 30 mins/ 60 mins out of 90 minutes or a 2-hour voucher. The holder cannot claim a refund or ask for another voucher for whatever duration amount of voucher is left (ex: the holder has 90 mins voucher but only books for 60 mins and asks for a new 30-minute voucher. Applicable for all our voucher services). These requests will be declined. As explained above in this in paragraph, it is not suitable for our enterprise and unfair to allow this as we have to use twice or trice of consumables we needed for a single session that the voucher purchaser paid. The gift voucher purchaser is the one responsible for what the gift voucher receiver wants and prefers. The purchaser should have purchased two 30 minutes massage vouchers instead of a full 60-minute single session voucher or a 60-minute single session plus a 30-minute session voucher instead of 90 minutes single session voucher. Or two 60-minute vouchers instead of a 2-hour single session voucher. 

* Our stand here is strong, and this is non-negotiable. Anyone who will lowball negotiate will be blocked or dropped a trespass notice if a lowballing negotiation occurs on our premises. To anyone not satisfied with this explanation and who has a voucher that fits the scenario in this explanation, we recommend them to report us to 



Please do not come and bring any vouchers made using any editing software that is not purchased from us, Fake homemade vouchers. The unauthorized use of our Logo and any graphics from this website is also a violation of copyright. Please do not screenshot any part of this website to make a voucher or anything without our consent. Please note that we also pay attention to the font and sizes of the characters/letters used on our vouchers. The shop staff designed the voucher right from the shop. Not from any graphics and printing services. So please do not underestimate that this trick will slip through and get a free service. Also, any reference number and dates of purchase/expiration on any vouchers should match the reference numbers and all voucher details on our records.

Anyone who brings and forcefully claims the use of a fake voucher and skips payment will be reported to Police 105 online for a theft incident—and legal actions for using our Logo and any graphics from this website without our consent. (copyright violations). Also, we will share the person's identity with other Thai massage operators of this homemade voucher for modus operandi awareness. 

(Please do not attempt to do this smart trick)

Few facts about vouchers

The information below was based on CAB or Citizens Advice Bureau. regarding gift vouchers.

The Shop that sold the vouchers has closed down, What can I do?

If the company, business or shop you have a voucher for comes into a liquidation or business failure and becomes bankrupt. The voucher holder becomes an unsecured creditor of the business. You have the right to claim, but it may be a challenging and lengthy process. This bankrupt shop owner who owes you vouchers may have been instructed by the insolvency officer assigned to them not to deal or negotiate with creditors directly but to redirect you to the insolvency officer to discuss any re-payments if the insolvency manager or official assignee of the debtor cannot find any assets of the debtor or shop owner that can be sold to repay the creditors or you as a voucher holder.  The chance of getting your money refunded is very low.

  • If the gift voucher was purchased through a third party, try to ask for a refund from the third party

  • If the voucher was purchased using a credit card, Try to do a chargeback. 

In this time of instability, many businesses fail due to global occurrences. It is advisable to use the vouchers as soon as possible and not to purchase vouchers in bulk.

The Shop changed management and owners, can I still claim my voucher?

Unfortunately, the new business operators have no legal obligation to accept your voucher. One of the top reasons a new shop operator will get negative feedback is not honouring the voucher purchased from the previous shop owner. But according to CAB or Citizens Advice Bureau including The new owner is not obligated to accept the voucher purchased from the last owner's shop. 

It is advisable to use the voucher as soon as possible and not purchase vouchers in bulk. Same risk as if the shop is closed.

Voucher just expired last week or yesterday, Is there still a chance?

Whenever the voucher reached the expiration date stated on it. The business has no legal obligation to accept it, even if it is just recently expired. If ever, it's worth checking and asking if the company has a grace period for expired vouchers. If not, sorry. 

Note: We give 30 days grace period from the date the voucher expired for anyone with expired voucher to claim incase anyone missed the date. Regardless of any circumstances, we will not accept any expired gift vouchers on day 31 of expiration. Also we reserve the right to accept or refuse the expired voucher within that 30 days grace period.

Lost voucher, Does the shop where bought the voucher has to replace it?

Generally, The business that sold the voucher is not liable to replace it. For us, this was risky, if anyone found the lost voucher after we replaced it. We become liable for two vouchers that were only bought for the price of one voucher. This is a loss for us. The holder of the lost voucher may come back after finding the missing voucher and hustle us to claim it. For other businesses with more sophisticated voucher distribution systems, If the vouchers are non-transferable. They may be able to replace the lost credits or vouchers. 

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