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Our contact form is for customers only, Not for any sales/marketing agents offering SEO & website services, software subscriptions, or any. And also not for any Religious promotion/peddling or proselytizing.

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Reminder / quick info:

- Booking for three or more people with at least 90 minutes may require a 50% deposit as collateral if the group will not attend the appointment or cancel or re-schedules on short notice.

- We can only serve two booked customers at the same time. We are not capable of doing three or more people at the same time. We only have two staff on our roaster daily. (This is temporary until we find new team members)


- Payments via credit/debit card is not available. 

- Bank transfers payments from Australia, UK or any where else overseas to purchase any vouchers with us or to covers someone's appointment is also not available.

- Bank transfer payments from any New Zealand bank account is available, although we must confirm the payment first before we send any vouchers. Paying via bank transfer for any booked appointments is not available on short notice, please settle any bank payments in advance to give us time to confirm any bank payments.

- Any indirect inquiries will not be responded to, such as inquiries to negotiate a discount, such as "What is the best price for a couples massage?", "how much per hour for five people? " or any similar.

Also, any self-explanatory inquiries will not be responded to. 

- The prices for all of our services are listed in this website already and there is no need to elaborate. Asking for the prices will not get a response.

- For appointment inquiries, As best as possible, please call us on our phone number during our operating hours 9:30am-6:45pm or check our online bookings. This website is only attended one hour per day apprx. and there may be a delay on response. If possible, please be specific regarding the day, time or the service you wanted you want to book. We will not reply any open ended questions if we feel that a sender wants to open a negotiation regarding anything.

- No website management service offers SEO, web layout re-design, marketing, software subscriptions, or any. Please, no sales of any kind; clogging our inbox makes us miss customer messages. If insisted, please do not expect any replies from us as we delete those types of messages straight away. We will report any companies to any company who conduct aggressive sales tactics.

- Any messages containing URL links will not be opened and read as they may carry viruses or cause a cyber attack.

- For anyone on our do, not re-book list, Please send us a message using the contact form on this page, as this must be documented. We do not settle any penalty fees on phone calls.

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Price list 123_edited.jpg
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Price list 123_edited.jpg
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