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Loyalty card terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions Khunchai Thai Massage policy setup will always apply regardless, even if the customer claims to have not seen the terms and conditions. It is also the customer's responsibility to read our terms and conditions. Any Customer's personal understanding and interpretation of our loyalty card terms and conditions will not be honored. Disregarding / Lowballing our T's & C's may get the customer banned from our services.

Free 30 mins of standard massage (deep tissue, relaxation, or even Thai massage) after 8 visits within a year. A loyal customer should have made at least eight appointments with 60 minutes duration during the 12 months from the stamp's first day. Any customer who has not had at least eight bookings with at least 60 minutes duration sessions is not entitled to a free 30-minute massage. The loyalty card should expire.

The loyalty card is only valid from the date of the first stamp. In addition, any loyalty card with complete stamps will also expire and cannot be claimed after the expiration date. It is up to the holder to claim the free 30 mins massage as soon as possible before it expires. It will never be the responsibility of Khunchai Thai massage if the bookings are always busy and the loyalty card holder cannot make a booking. The customer can always request to be on the waiting list. 

Our Loyalty cards with eight or fewer stamps have no monetary/cash/dollar value like the price of our 30-minute massage on our price list. Not claimable for cash.

Showing only visual proofs or taking a photo without giving back the loyalty card will not be honored or accepted. We must ensure that loyalty cards with complete stamps will not be reused. The holder guarantees that will not happen when they surrender the loyalty card with full stamps to us.

Khunchai Thai massage will not replace any loyalty card that is lost or stolen. Including unintentionally destroyed or damaged. The holder is responsible for taking care of their loyalty cards. Khunchai Thai massage has nothing to do with or is liable if the loyalty cards were destroyed or damaged unintentionally, lost or stolen, we would not replace them. Please carry it with care. This was enforced due to the same reason above If we replaced the lost or destroyed loyalty card and the client or someone else found it later on and claim it. Please take care of it, no excuses.

One stamp for any 60 minutes appointments and up only. No stamps for any 55 minutes and below sessions or couples 30 minutes.

The free 30-minute massage is only our standard massage with oil. Free 30 mins massage cannot be claimed on Hot stone massage, Body scrub, Facial treatment, Foot reflexology, and Head massage due to differences in pricing and treatment preparations and procedures.

If in any case of lockdowns, any global occurrences, and any personal situations, including health conditions that prevent the holder of this card from gaining stamps or claims the free 30 mins massage, The expiry date will not extend. We are not responsible, and we have nothing to do with or wish any of those unfortunate occurrences or any unfortunate personal situations to happen. No exemptions regardless of anything such as: "It is hard to make a booking", Non-working holidays, Pandemic lockdowns, Natural disasters, etc. or any personal issues such as being/living somewhere far outside Auckland or being overseas and personal health issues. No exemptions. No excuses. The expiration date will not extend and cannot be used for collecting stamps or claimed after the expiration date.

A loyalty card is not a paid voucher or a contract agreement we are liable to give and every stamp we place on any of our loyalty card is not part of any fees a customer pays for any session. Free 30 mins are only goodwill from us to give something to any customer that is constantly returning to us. We reserve the right to forfeit any of our loyalty cards with stamps or deny the free 30 mins to the holder at any time for any reason, such as: being noted in our do not pre-book list for not showing up on appointments and late cancellation notices. The customer being banned/trespassed to our business, business closure/failure, any global/local occurrences, Suspected stolen or any loyalty card with stamps from any person on our do not pre book-list due to no-shows/late cancellations or was banned and trespassed with us. If the loyalty card stamps date matches the appointments of the customer noted on our, do not pre-book list due to not showing up. We will not honor it.

Additional reminder:


Loyalty card with complete stamps has no monetary value and cannot be traded for any of our gift vouchers. The gift voucher should always be paid for and purchased. Please note that the New Zealand laws does not require us to give loyalty card stamps to all of our customers to operate, loyalty card is only our own initiative and from our goodwill to give.


Please note that we are not or never did advertised that our prices cover or includes a stamp on a loyalty card, so therefore there is not in any way a stamp on a loyalty card on every 60-minute appointment included in the price of any services or appointments that are booked and paid by a client. So, we reserve the right to refuse or forfeit any loyalty card stamps or rewards for any reasons without any liabilities or violation of consumer rights. A client or loyalty card holder cannot claim anything in case the loyalty card expires or for any reason, such as being banned from our services.


The customer is responsible for showing their card for stamping upon payment. Not the receptionist. The customer missed the stamp if they had not presented their loyalty card for stamping. We cannot add the missed stamp or stamps in the next appointment or anytime in the future. It is not the receptionist's responsibility to request the client to show their loyalty card for stamping every visit. Also its is the customer's responsibility to remind the receptionist if ever the customer leaves their loyalty cards with us.

Please note that this loyalty card stamps is not integrated with our bookings, This is only our initiative to give. Incase of confusion of how many visit a customer had along with how much stamps they should have, we cannot use our manual booking and online booking system for reference. 

Any clients who will attempt to hustle or mislead any of our staff  to get more stamps will get banned to our services and trespassed to our premises. We have no tolerance for any of those lowballing customer cunning gimmicks, we will not add any missed stamps so please show your loyalty card or remind us every after appointments. (ex: customer: "I came here many times, I should have more stamps", " I purchased  lots of vouchers and should have a lot of stamps") We will refuse to add more stamps weather if the customer is legitimately had those number of appointments or not. 

We reserve the right to forfeit the loyalty card if the customer has created or negotiated any unusual schemes with our loyalty card, such as forgetting the loyalty card intentionally and starting a new card to stamp every visit to prolong the expiration date. They are hoarding our loyalty cards. The holder negotiated for more than the free 30 mins we offer. Falsifying the stamps.


There will be no special or VIP conditions on our loyalty card regardless of how much a particular client spends in single or multiple transactions with our business, only one stamp on any no less than 60 minutes session and a maximum of 30 minutes upon completion. 

Any new clients are coming with loyalty cards with stamps. The new customer may come with a loyalty card with stamps from their family or friends who requested them to carry a stamp. This is all right. However, being a new client comes with a loyalty card with stamps. We will check the details of the stamps mostly the appointments on them to verify to whom or to which of our clients the card belongs. If the appointment dates match with the previous appointments of any person we banned or added, do not re-book the list. We will not honor the loyalty card. The new customer must start a new one. Any loyalty card from any person we have trespassed, banned or added to our do not re-book list for not showing up was already forfeited and cannot be claimed. If the new customer insists on continuing to use/claim the loyalty card with stamps from any banned individual, Khunchai Thai massage does not negotiate. The new customer will also be added to the do not re-book list for lowballing.

Previous versions of the loyalty cards are not valid anymore.

To anyone who has given or has a collection of our previous versions of business/loyalty cards with free 60 mins. Please be aware that we do not use those anymore, and not valid to start new stamps since June 2022.

-Due to the increased business operation cost, we can no longer give free 60 minutes like from previous loyalty card versions.

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