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Services available with us

Deep Tissue & Relaxation massage

Deep Tissue and Relaxation massage services are the most common and booked service with us. [Relaxation massage = lighter][Deep tissue = medium to strong]

- The massage recipient will be laying down on the massage table. The whole body is draped, exposing only the body part massaged with massage oil. Then the oil used will be wiped with hot towels before finishing the service.

- Eyes will be covered when facing up to promote relaxation and make the sleep hormones active and also to avoid discomfort between the massage recipient and the massage therapist. 

-Underwear must be worn on all of our services. In no way we will accept any client who wants to be fully naked even with the use of draping or cover.

Fact: did you get a Thai massage in a Thai massage spa? It does not mean that all massage services in a Thai massage spa are Thai massage like the deep tissue and relaxation massage on our services list

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Traditional Thai yoga massage

Authentic and Traditional, the real Thai massage is done without the use of oil. Mainly stretching assisted yoga. Thai massage is also known as

"Lazy man's yoga"

- Our therapist applies Thai massage procedures they learned from Wat Po temple in Bangkok, Thailand.

- Loose clothing will be provided for the massage recipient to be worn during the treatment.

Q: Can't we combine Thai massage with massage oil like in other Thai massage spas?

A: No, we will stick on providing traditional Thai massage without the use of oil.

Khunchai Thai massage hot stone.png

Hot Stone massage

Feel The heated polished volcanic basalt stones on your body. Hot stone provides heat therapy to the muscles which can help reduce tension and pain.


- Heat can help relive pains and stiffness in muscles and also promote relaxation.

Volcanic basalt stones we use retains heats longer than any other types of stones like river stones. But any volcanic stones takes time to absorb heat contrary to river type stones that will be heated up in shorter preparation time plus the cleaning of stones after its usage This is the reason we do not provide any less than 30 minutes Hot stone massage or have 15 minutes hot stone promotions.

Khunchai Thai massage head massage.png

Head massage

Unlike a small portion of head massage as part of full body massage. Our Head massage service focuses on head.


- Massaging the head and scalp can relax and stimulates the nerves and blood vessels around the head area and can also calm the muscle in the head area.

A head massage can be a relaxing and refreshing treatment experience and sometimes, it can be more satisfying than a full body massage.

Khunchai Thai massage foot reflexology.png

Thai Foot Massage/reflexology

This service involves applying pressure to specific points on the feet. The idea is that the pressure points in the feet are directly connected to other human body areas, including internal organs.

In Thai foot reflexology, the therapist uses a wooden stick.

Foot reflexology can be quite relaxing after the session.

Note: price will be the same if the customer requests a simple foot massage. 

warning: Some health conditions may not be suitable with this service including pregnancy, skin diseases, inflammation on feet, fever, diarrhea and vomiting. If unsure, please always consult your G.P. or doctor before booking any massage services.

Khunchai Thai massage facial scrub.png

Facial scrub massage

Similar to our other body main muscle groups that is always used.

Our face has also muscle groups that needs a massage. For better blood circulation and lymphatic drainage plus improving the collagen production or skin regeneration due to better blood circulation. along with skin elasticity.

Our scrub option with this treatment are: Lavender anti facial spot and Gold anti wrinkle facial spot.

- The materials we use are ethically produced and not tested on animals in the laboratory. We are not absolutely sure of the total ingredients used on the scrubs as they were written in chemistry forms. Not sure if vegan friendly and if all ingredients used are all New Zealand made. (we do not recommend booking to anyone with sensitive skin or with any doubts)

Khunchai Thai massage Body Scrub.png

Body Scrub Massage

With use of scrub material and then followed by a massage


- The first 30 minutes will be the application of scrub, followed by a shower to wash off the scrub. Then the massage, deep tissue or relaxation massage.

The scrub options are: Coffee scrub, Mango and Mandarin scrub, Himalayan salt scrub, Milk and honey scrub. 

Our body scrub services starts from 90 minutes. (30min or 60 minutes duration options are available)

Khunchai Thai massage pregnancy massage.png

Pregnancy Massage

Only safe and available from 4 months of pregnancy.


- Massage is done with extra care and extra supporting pillows for comfort. Please note that our massage therapists may not apply a strong pressure during this service

- This is an ordinary pregnancy massage, no medical procedures. We do not provide any post partum massage. For any complex pregnancy massage needs, please consult your medical specialists.

- Critical* for your and safety of the child. Please inform us the pregnancy details. please do not book if the pregnancy has not reached 4 months and also please do not book close to the delivery date.

- We do not have cupping in any of our services.

- It will be ok to shower at home after the treatment immediately.

-Sweet almond oil is used on our massage services and full of vitamins to be absorbed by the skin.

-Please note that Shower is not included in all of our services. A hot towel is used to wipe off the massage oil. If the client requested a shower, it is available at an additional cost of $10 for the laundry, water and consumables used on the shower.

-We have air-conditioned and walled rooms, not on an area with tall curtains used for divisions.

-Draping or body covering is used during the treatment, exposing only the body part that is being massaged. Wearing the disposable underwear we provide or keeping the client's underwear is a must.

-Eye covering is used and placed on the client's eyes whenever the client is facing up during the massage to promote the sleep hormones for relaxation and avoid the discomfort of eye contact between the client and the massage therapist during the session. 

-The prices will remain the same if the client brings their balms or oils to be used during the session or opts for no oil.

-All of our services are performed or done on a massage table. We do not use any massage chair like those massage services inside the malls.

-For anyone booking for elderlies or with disabilities, please assist them on preparation such as undressing or getting into the massage table. Our staff will never assist anyone to undress to prepare for any of our services under no circumstances and we may cancel the appointment if the client cannot prepare for treatment for themselves. Preparation time will be deducted to the paid customer's time if any preparation is taking too long.

All of our services are for stress reduction and relaxation purposes only. Massage may have health benefits but our services are non medical procedures of any kind. For any serious pains and workplace injuries, please consult your G.P. or doctor first.

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