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Thai Massage Therapist

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Jan is the operator of this place 

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Work experience

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When did you start working as a massage therapist ?

I started working as a massage therapist in year 1999 In Central Wong Amat Hotel in Pattaya city, Thailand.

Places have you worked before ?

1) Spa massage therapist in Central Wong Amat Hotel  in 1999-2002


2) Hard Rock Hotel in Pattaya city from 2002 till 2015


-February 2002 as a Spa therapist.

-Got promoted to Spa trainer position within the first month in the company February 2002 .

-Promoted to Assistant Spa manager Feb 2002 - 2003

-Spa Department manager October 2003 - 2015


3) In late 2016, She came here in New Zealand as a work visa and worked in a Thai massage in Lincoln rd. Henderson (we wont mention the trading name)  she worked with them until her work visa with them expired.

- Like everyone else who dream to start a business. Jan and her husband made a bold move, and opened Khunchai Thai massage and Spa In Glendene in February 2020 one month before the lockdown. At the beginning of the business, Only Jan is the therapist here until few months G.g. resigned gracefully from previous workplace and joined Jan.

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Trainings and certifications

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What massage training and certifications have you received?

Certificate in Traditional Thai massage, given by world renown Wat Pho Traditional Medical school, Bangkok, Thailand. The historic Wat Pho Temple where also the Reclining Buddha located. Issued on 9th December 2002.


Passed the National Skill Standard Testing as Nuad Thai Practitioner (Traditional Thai Massager)
Level 1, issued on 28 April. 2016, given by Skill Development Promotion Committee


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