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Our Service Terms and conditions


A.) Khunchai Thai Massage & spa and its staff cannot be responsible for any online booking mistakes made by a customer, arriving on the wrong appointment day and time, And being turned away if no therapist is available. It's the client's responsibility to look for and enter the details carefully while booking. Make sure that the booking is completed by ticking "I Agree" in the last part. 

B) A customer should enter an active email address for our software to send the booking confirmation.

C) We reserve the right to cancel the bookings with fancy email addresses/phone numbers and any invalid email addresses or mobile numbers detected by our software, this includes peculiar customer names. We shall contact the client first who made the booking. If you are not responsive, We will proceed with the booking cancellation. So please be ready to respond if contacted by us, even just a text message reply.

D) Khunchai Thai massage and spa services are fixed and cannot be negotiated to be modified. The time duration and prices are primarily services such as Hot Stone, Foot Reflexology, Head Therapy Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Body Scrub, & Facial treatment. In addition, We cannot do a full body massage in any less than an hour duration

E) No online payments occurred. Our online booking software subscription does not include taking online payments. Therefore, No clients can claim they already paid online during the booking.

F) Any customers on our do not re-book list due to no-shows and short cancellation notices who may create a different account to book. If we recognize a customer with a record who uses another name, We reserve the right to forfeit that appointment. A trespass notice will be issued due to acts of deception.

G) If, in any case, the client decides to reduce the duration of the appointment they have booked (ex: 2 hours booking reduced to 1 hour upon arrival or when the session started), The booked customer will still be liable to pay the original price service they have booked (the price for 2 hours not the reduced 1-hour price). A sudden reduction of time upon arrival or when the session starts is also a form of short notice cancellation. It has prevented other customers from booking within the time duration that the customer has booked and canceled. Suppose the customer refuses to pay the full price of their originally booked service. In that case, the short-notice canceling customer will be added to the do not re-book list until the penalty fees for canceling on short notice are paid. 

H) We reserve the right to ban any account or anyone booking an appointment during our busy hours and then constantly re-scheduling and canceling the booking regardless even if the re-scheduling or cancelation is done more than 24 hours or a reasonable notice time as this sabotages our booking availabilities and there is a possibility that this could be done by our other Massage spa counterparts making us unavailable or having less availability to other clients on busy time such as weekends aside from just a normal client who is not sure of their schedule. 


Health Disclaimer

A) By booking or using our services, you release KH Thai massage limited trading as Khunchai Thai massage and Spa and its staff or people for any liabilities or responsibilities in case of  any injuries, illness and accidents.

B )  Our treatments and services are for relaxation and stress reduction. Khunchai Thai massage and spa therapy services are non-medical procedures and not intended to be a treatment, prescription or corrective measure of any human ailment or condition. Only a New Zealand licensed physician can provide such medical treatments. 

C) Massage may have health benefits but results may vary from person to person and different body built types and results are not guaranteed.

D) We reserve the right to deny or stop treatment (if started) to clients with medical conditions unsuitable for our treatments. ex: recovering from surgery wounds. Having a gift voucher will not be an excuse not to stop the session.

E) By booking our services, your decision is voluntary and you know and understand the risk involve which includes personal injuries in all forms such as physical or mental. We disclaim any responsibility caused by negligence weather it is intentional or unintentional.

F) You will disclose or declare any medical conditions before receiving any treatments or service from us including past or current medications, injuries or appointments with a physician, pregnancy or any. Not all health condition is suitable with our services and you should always consult a licensed physician before booking our services if unsure.

Valuable Items

A) You risk of losing any valuable item that you may or will carry/ bring with you on our premises, in case of those unwanted incidents, KH Thai massage ltd. trading as Khunchai Thai massage and spa and its staff or people are not liable/responsible to replace/pay or compensate for any items you may lose on our premises.


B) Khunchai Thai massage will not hesitate to conduct legal actions against clients who will accuse our staff and team members of theft without hard evidence of the accusation protecting its staff against defamation and any harmful digital defamation online. 

C) "Did you take it?", "Did your staff take it?", "Your staff took it" These questions are unfair and almost similar to accusing our staff of theft after the client cannot find any personal items. Those lines have the prejudice of robbery against our team that will make our staff uncomfortable, unbalanced and intimidated. It is different from inquiring about any lost and found items. Please be aware that we do not tolerate this, and the client will be banned from our services for using the wrong words when asking about missing items.

D) Any client cannot request to search our rooms to look for any missing valuable items mostly if other customers are using the treatment room nor search the pockets and belongings of other suspected individuals present in the premises which is against the law.


We always encourage our clients not to bring any valuable items to our place when having a treatment to avoid these incidents.

Safeguarding our staff | Decency | Respect

A) All our treatment must be only done with proper draping/body cover and must wear the disposable underwear we provide or keeping the client's own underwear must not be removed.


B) We reserve the right to halt/stop the treatment once the client becomes inappropriate. Taking off the draping during the treatment, expressing any dirty jokes, soliciting for any lewd extra services or if a client becomes unreasonably demanding and abusive. We also reserve the right to post on our bulletin board the images from our CCTV of any individual who disrespected our staff and share the details of the person with other Thai massage establishments to warn them of the unwanted individual.

C) Our staff, especially the receptionist, may randomly check and enter the treatment rooms during the service to check if the treatments are going well.

D) Treatment \ appointment will be cancelled immediately if any client (especially male clients) solicited a massage without draping or requested to be naked. Regardless if the request is made in a Jokingly manner or just merely asked.

E) In any worst-case scenario, We will phone 111 for police assistance without giving a warning to a misbehaving client. But in more desperate situations. A client attempts to touch our therapist. We reserve the right to use reasonable force to defend ourselves or any of our staff from sexual assault or violence And exercise our rights to protect ourselves under Section 48 of the Crimes Act 1961. 

Refusal of service

We reserve the right to refuse anyone a service. To anyone we or any of our staff not comfortable with as valuing their comfort, safety and freedom while working with us.


A) Client has a foul body odour or poor personal hygiene.

B) Client came under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

C) Client has previously offended any of our staff, which causes our staff distress.

D) We can refuse anyone for any reason.

E) Any unusual activities or movement of people, occurrences or incidents outside our premises may put our staff in danger.

F) Client is requesting for a medical treatment of any kind through massage services which we think is risky with or without a suggestion from any licensed NZ Doctor/ G.P. / Physician or any medical services provider.

G) Client is on our Do not Re-book list and booked under a different account/ phone number with a different name.

- If client is not a banned client but the particular requested massage therapists of the client refuses the client, The client will be assigned to another staff.

Please be aware that any massage therapist here in New Zealand has the right to refuse service to anyone without explaining why.


Persons with disabilities and elderlies

Our services require the client to change or remove clothing before the service. If in any case, someone with a disability or an elderly person takes a considerable amount of time to prepare for treatment such as removing clothes or mounting into the massage table. That preparation time will be deducted from the client's time booked. We cannot start the time as the massage starts and extend the duration time allocated for service as we have to finish the service on time. We advise anyone who will bring/book an elderly or anyone with a disability for our services to come with them to assist them. It is not the responsibility of any of our massage therapists and will never to assist clients/other people in changing or removing clothes before the session where witnessing the client is being naked. Also, this can be used as a loophole of any inappropriate any customers to be nude or naked which we will not allow. If in any case a client cannot remove their clothing for any reasons to prepare for a massage, we will cancel the booking. 

Late arrival | duration reduction | fees 

Khunchai Thai massage & Spa will accommodate the late arrival as best as possible If there are no other booked clients behind the late arriving customer's appointment. We will still serve the entire duration of service that the late arriving customer has booked.


A) If any customer has arrived late on the agreed appointment time, we cannot extend the duration due to other customer bookings. The duration of the late-arriving customer session will be reduced depending on how late the customer has arrived.


B) The late arriving customer shall still be liable for paying for the total amount of service they have booked despite their appointment time duration being reduced due to their late arrival. It is the responsibility of the customer to travel to our place on time and plan the traffic ahead. Khunchai Thai massage will not shoulder any productive time that has lost due to any customer's late arrival for any reasons. Any late arriving customers refuses to pay the full amount after the duration was reduced will be added to do not re book list.

C) Just incase any booked client decided to reduce the duration of the appointment time or downgrade the service they have booked upon arrival, You, The client must still pay the full price of the service you have booked first, not the duration of downgraded service or reduced duration time. For the service materials have been prepared for the service you have booked (ex: booked a Hot Stone or Body scrub then change to deep tissue massage upon arrival) and the extra time (ex: booked a 90 min massage but requested to reduce the time into one hour only upon arrival) that was reserved by the client that was not available to other clients to book which is also a short notice cancelation.

- The client is free to refuse to pay the original service the have booked first if they think this is not fair but opting for refusing to pay the original price they have booked will result for them to be added for do not re book list for short notice cancelation notice which will incur penalty fee which must be paid in order for them to be able to book with us again in the furture.

15 Minutes late without notice.

Khunchai Thai massage & Spa has the right to cancel an appointment if the client was 15 minutes late and did not give us any notifications even if the client arrived past 15 minute grace period. It is the client's responsibility to notify us if ever they cannot arrive at their appointment on time. No Show penalty and Short notice cancellations penalty fee apply, and loyalty card stamps are forfeited. New clients that did not show up on their first appointment will be banned from our services permanently.

Not showing up on appointment and short cancellation notice

A) Khunchai Thai Massage and spa LTD. reserve the right to ban and not to re-book anyone booking an appointment, taking or reserving the timeslot for themselves that prevents other clients from securing the timeslot then will not showing up when the appointment time comes. The no-show booking client has wasted our productive time, and we will not take bookings with them again until the penalty fees have been cleared. 

B) Sick and feeling ill. Any genuinely feeling unwell or sick clients should call and cancel the booking as early as possible no later than 12:00pm. Not near the appointment booked time from noon until the day ends. In these incidents, clients who called to cancel on short notice due to being sick or not feeling well very close to their appointment time will not exempt the short notice cancelling clients to short notice cancellation penalty fee and be added to the do not re-book list. This mostly happens during long weekend holidays.

C) Family emergencies | Emergencies and Accidents. Anyone cancelling appointments close or past few moments to their appointment time due to any accidents or any types of crises is not exempted from the short notice cancellation penalty fee and will be added to the do not re-book list for short cancellation notice or no show if the client contacted us to notify that they cannot come past few minutes or later than their appointment time. However, we will provide an exemption if the client can provide proof of the incident.

- In case of any announcements or any warnings from Civil Defence New Zealand to stay home for safety such as Tsunamis or flooding due to heavy rains. Short notice and No shows are not in effect during those incidents only.

If Preferred or booked massage therapist did not come to work

A) If any of our therapists did not come to work due to sickness or personal reasons, We would do our best to accommodate or replace the therapist if there is nothing we can do to replace them. We can cancel appointments if no one is available to replace the booked massage therapist. We are not liable for any compensation as we also didn't want these incidents to happen if possible, which is out of our control. In these cases, we shall give reasonable notice to prevent the client from coming.

Jurisdiction with New Zealand laws

Terms and conditions including valuable items and health disclaimers on this website is subject to the New Zealand laws If we cannot come resolve our disputes to mutual agreement. You must lodge a claim with Disputes Tribunal or the District Court of Auckland. 

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