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Creating your own massage balm

Have you ever wondered how these balms are made? What are the ingredients?

During the 2020s, supplies from Thailand became scarce due to pandemic lockdowns. Products like this massage balm are hard to get or too expensive, so we created our own.

It mainly consists of carrier oil. Wax or petroleum jelly can be used, but we prefer beeswax and various essential oils. Eucalyptus oil will make the balm cooler while adding cayenne or pepper essential oils will induce a hot sensation when applied to the skin. Also, we can add scents by adding cosmetic-grade essential oils such as lavender or bergamot oils.

Menthol crystals is an essential ingredient.

Now, the recipe and procedure for our balm version. Our bergamot-scented massage balms. This recipe for 50-60ml balms is intended to be poured into a small 60ml glass jar.

Base ingredients.

  • Three tablespoons of carrier oil (we used sweet almond oil)

  • One tablespoon of beeswax ( petroleum jelly is okay to use)

Melt that one tablespoon of beeswax into the carrier oil of your choice in the microwave for approximately two minutes. Using a pan and stove is also okay, but the microwave will be more convenient and faster.

Note: Do not mix all the ingredients at this first step when melting the beeswax into the carrier oil, as the essential oils and other ingredients will or may lose their efficiency and benefits to the balm by being cooked with heat.

-Drop half a tablespoon of menthol crystals a few moments after the beeswax has melted and combined with the carrier oil.

Pyrex jug or any glass jug with laboratory grade is an excellent tool to have than using any Tupperware plastic or ceramic bowls. A saucepan is also okay for use on a stove but needs a lot of attention and care.

- Add the essential oils

  • 5ml Eucalyptus oil

  • 4ml Peppermint oil

  • 4ml Methyl Salicylate

  • 3ml Camphor

Mix the ingredients while still in warm liquid form, pour them into a small glass jar, and let it cool. The balm mixture will harden up like wax as it cools down.

(Optional) Add a cosmetic-grade oil for aroma or balm fragrance. We used 5ml cosmetic-grade bergamot oil.

(Optional) Add a color to identify your balm. Use a mica powder to add color, or leave it white like Vicks.

Those essential oils include health purposes and benefits such as muscle relief from insect bites or a calming effect through smell. It will depend on what type of essential oil we put in.

All Ingredients can be purchased at Pure Nature in Avondale, Auckland, N.Z. Pure Nature provides valuable information on its products, especially essential oils. It is optional to follow the ingredients above. It can be modified according to the creator's preference.

This recipe was created using trial and error during the lockdown of 2020. This is our original creation and recipe without looking at other online sources on creating a balm aside from reading Pure Nature information on each of its products.

To our business counterparts, please abstain from plagiarism or copying our posts to be posted on any social media for content post content after a few rewording modifications. Please respect our content Thank you.


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